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5978 High Quality Icons for Web, Apps & RSS

This is beyond question the largest supply of free icons ever published in one article. With this exceedingly massive supply, your icon solutions for websites and Apps are pretty much endless! Ranging from file types to gadgets, Mac icons to Firefox orbs, RSS feeds and even race cars. Yes, even race cars.

And all of them are free. Plus, the the benefit for you is that they have all been carefully (and tediously) organized. Each set contains only the largest size available for it's particular icon (so we don't have 10 different duplicates for every size) and is labeled with the package name & a link to the author's site where you can check out more of their work.

One final note: each of these icons are in .jpg format. Which means that if you are using them against white backgrounds they'll do fine, however if you want the uncompressed PNG's in their original transparent form, please visit the author's website listed for each set.

The Icons...

Shining Z by vistaicons

Rounder by Vicing

Vista Style by vistaicons

Joost TV by iTweak

iMovie 08 by iTweak

Compass by iTweak

Feeds by Nyssaj Brown

Social Icons by Freak Group

Social Web Buttons by

Camino by Flarup

Square Compass by Jet Stream

Knobs by iTweak

Internet Tubes! by

To disperse the load not all of them are on one page. Click the below links to view thousands more:

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