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Making a big city move to pursue the startup dream

I just moved from my small hometown to the largest metropolis in North America!
Er, largest northernmost metropolis in North America. I checked and evidently Moscow is a bit farther north. So that means the title of largest northernmost metropolis in the world is already taken. But as far as this continent goes - Edmonton is at the top!


So already my theoretical Cinderella startup-story is not off to as 'trendy' of a beginning than it would be if I say I was setting up shop in San Francisco - or even another emerging hub like Hong Kong or Singapore. But I think nerds will agree that in most cases it doesn't matter where you geographically base your business.

What matters most is the people you will be working with. And just so happens that some of my best, most talented friends are living in Edmonton - so there's no reason I would want to startup anywhere else.


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