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Learn programming using wire, light bulbs, a battery, and telegraph relay

I'm currently reading quite possibly the coolest programming book ever written. The book is not teaching Python, nor C, and not even Assembly. Rather, the book is teaching Morse code. And electricity. And how these two concepts can be brought together to make anything from telegraphs to modern day computers.

If you're like me and are trying to take your programming skill to the next level, this might be exactly the kind of foundational knowledge you need.

The book is called CODE. I first got wind about it last week, after reading The Book That Every Programmer Should Read on Grigory' blog. Indeed, Grigory recommended every programmer read it - not because of what kind of new techniques you can learn, but rather, because of the broader understanding you will gain from this truly fundamental lesson on how computers work.



Learn Python The Hard Way - Udemy Review

Update 2014: The best place to get this video course is from The video course is no longer available from Udemy.

It is the most popular Python programming book in the world. And now, thanks to Udemy - it's on video. So if you're looking to learn Python - should you download the book or watch it on Udemy? Well, you're asking the right guy: I just finished this excellent course. Here is the full review.

Udemy - Learn Python the Hard Way