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The best time to make money is when you don't need it

This dynamic struck me several times in my early business career (and perhaps even more recently than I'd like to admit). It was a curse for progress.

After working hard to make a few big sales - I'd have adequate cash flow - and the sense of urgency would go away. I would then relegate to a more casual pace of work. And then the money would dry up. And the cycle would begin all over again.

It wasn't until I finally realized just what was happening that I could adapt and transform the dynamic into even bigger opportunity.

The dynamic, and my realization, is the concept of a momentum plateau.

It's a pretty simple concept, so I guess the big realization for me was that it is possible to control it. So you can time when specifically you're going to plateau and 'relax'.


Controlling the wave of momentum like a god

Momentum is like a pendulum. What do pendulums do? They go up, reach a high point, and they go down again.

The best time to engage is, ironically, when you least expect it to be necessary to engage. It's when you're feeling comfortable. That you've been getting a lot done. That you're satisifed. It is at moments like these that you are at the apex of the pendulum swing; your high point; the momentum plateau.

The momentum plateua is a key point in time because it is here that we ultimately decide to go even farther - or to fall back into the grind. We can either leverage the momentum we already have going for us - or let it fade away.

If you're on the road to achieving something great - and you fall asleep at the wheel - you will fucking crash, I guarantee it.

Unlike a real pendulum, we can push our pendulum even balls farther by leveraging the wave of energy behind us. In other words, the only way you can maintain and push even farther is to build upon the success you've already created. That's an excitingly powerful concept.


Momentum: the hidden force prevalent everywhere in the universe

Momentum is profoundly fundamental to the manifestation of reality. Even the most basic theory of the universe is based on it. That first there was nothing. And then there was the big bang. And that it caused the initial momentum which fuels the ultimate expansion of our universe.

With a passion for understanding the underlying principle of manifestation, in the context creating what we want in life, I feel I have discovered the most powerful manifestation tool available to us. It is: momentum.

For me, I am now more aware than ever to this dynamic; of the momentum plateau. If I am comfortable... or suddenly have free time... or a sense of boredom is emerging; I will quickly snap out of it- and engage on a money making tactic (unless of course, it's a day off).