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The Satanic Cult Known as Covid Compliance

This post is a spiritual successor sequel to The Satanic Cult Known as Heliocentrism published last year.

This year it is obvious there is an even a far more pervasive, widespread, and 'in your face' quite literally - cult of selfish believers - who will consent to even more severe abuse from their cult leaders; not limited to just the perpetuation of fantasy fairy tales with absolutely no scientifically repeatable evidence or empirical proof - this time the fraud is all that and then some. It is even more brazen, if that was even possible. And is backed not by the likes of our friendly Freemasonic scientists who happen to specialize in the very fake industries created apart of the deception (though they are used again too) this time the cult's actors are in your politics: backed primarily by the iron fist of your not-so-local 'state' under threat of fine & imprisonment for not believing - er, complying.

And this time the cult masses exhibit a more dangerous characteristic too - a feature not particularly unheard of in hyper-dedicated cult followings but still shocking nonetheless - it is that of the suicidal consent; in this case, consent to death via sacrifice of one's own breath.

Of course that breath contains oxygen and by wearing a mask all day you risk sacrificing a lot of it. It is consent to not only loss of breath (and gain of fungus); not only to the loss of one's own life essence: but consent to brain damage. Which evidently may be apart of the main agenda (to be followed up with another blow to IQ points via the experimental vaccination - which may also serve to ensure sterilization for good measure).

Sick, twisted, perverted exploitation based ideology - or should I say, idolatry - to such an extreme degree that those following do not question the very premise of it all. And therefore, its madness enabled by the very cult believers themselves. Because the cult gets its power only through those willing to believe. Who accept the offer. Who take the bait. Who make the leap of faith. To worship the idol. Selfishly giving away their own authority over self - to empower another - which in aggregate causes an extreme imbalance enabling concentrated power into the rubbing hands of a few.

Behold! Our worldwide cult parasite perpetuating machine.

It can only be stopped, when we stop believing. Its source of power is us. And every selfish virtue signalling coward wearing a mask. A coward not to the authority but a coward for giving away his/her own authority.

I haven't reached any grand conclusion. There is no end to the proverbial rabbit hole. The process of discovery and understanding does not end with my line of thinking (or that of those who influence me) - but if I was to conclude on something important today it is that the so called 'great enemy' this secret cabal of satanic cult leaders, this international mafia, this genocidal regime - these rats in human disguise - are not the big problem. They are the symptom.

The solution is to simply opt-out of their program. To cut the power source from the machine. The machine is your body. The program is every belief. The energy you give them is your individual authority over self.

To quote a new friend: the problem is not what you believe, it is that you believe.

If everyone rejected the offer of belief from those who perpetuate beliefs - and instead kept that power for themselves - for use exclusively on their own self-preservation; for their own self-improvement and thus the fulfillment of one's own potential as nature intended - we would reap natural rewards far greater than any material possession offered by that of a travelling merchant (who conveniently tend to be the same ones peddling this endless supply of beliefs)...

the symptom would disappear & we would experience the selfless beauty of inspiration in all those who surround us.

Or so goes 'my belief'. Cause if there was just one thing I could have blind faith in it would be this.

tdlr: fuck cults, but more importantly fuck the cowards who empower fucking cults - but also, fuck myself for blaming others when the problem is lack of authority over thyself and thus fuck blaming any external force because such act is selfish shirking of responsibility over maintaining authority over oneself