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Dangerous words, but say them anyway

The following list of words and statements are dangerous not to me: but to the establishment asshats whom seek to hide, distort, and confuse the masses such that people may never know (or can escape) the reality for which they find themselves (exploited) in.

It is also therefore a litmus test that I am not a fucking shill and/or intel deep state agent - since it is a given those working within the 'human reality distortion & exploitation system' would not say these things as they contradict & oppose the goals of said system; some of these very words of which expose the operations thereof.

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Open, decentralized legal system

Open, decentralized stock exchange

Anononymous, decentralized, no-borders, private recon rescue teams for those unjustly imprisoned

Mass rejection/nullification of income taxation

Mass rejection/nullification of institutionalized education including and especially K-9 & high-school

Mass private security movement (de-monopolize security & force)

Homeschooling, self-education

Family farms

Tesla coil / Hutchison Effect targetted radio frequency energy

Weaponized Tesla coil / Hutchison Effect targetted radio frequency radio energy attacks (911 Twin Towers)

Local militias

Open source hardware: for cars, guns, computers

City states

Crypto states

Blockchain voting system

NASA: the biggest scam the world has ever known

Gravity: unproven theory

The CG fantasy land known as 'Space'

Moon landing hoax

Evolution unproven

Fake dinosaurs and 'fossil fuels'

Sandy Hoax

Boston Hoaxathon

Vegas Concert, Texas Church, Pulse Nightclub false flag shooting drills/hoaxes

Large scale nuclear weapons propaganda

Suppressed, monopolized nuclear energy technology via 'danger' propaganda and fake scare science

The powerful and long-term self-awareness and truth/deception detection capacity enhancement effects of LSD and psycilocybin cubenisis (shrooms)

Flat Earth

Beyond the Antarctic ice wall

More of us need to say these kinds of things - and we need to say them often and in parallel - such that we are a storm of truth that cannot be averted. Together, we are safer: there is strength in numbers.

(also helps confirm you are not a shill; helps mitigate the epidemic of large scale shilling or militarized mass astro-turfing ops that infect today's internet)

Let's not limit ourselves to words however. Words should be followed by action. In whatever way you see necessary. In my opinion, the best form of rebellion and action against those who seek to deceive, exploit and destroy us is honest entrepreneurship: innovate & create value for good people and they will provide you the resources you need to even more effectively engage in this grand battle (always fighting for the good, and not ever giving in to evil along the way).

If everyone would just let go of their fears, shine light on evil when you see it (ie- speaking out, informing others, research and investigative journalism), and build the ideal future & place for which we want to live (ie- creating a business to facilitate that process) then we would most certainly more rapidly eradicate evil and realize the peaceful, prosperous, exciting future we deserve...

you only live once: so why not take a shot at making your life and this world the best it can be before you die.

Say and do the obvious. Speak up and build stuff.