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Destined by Design

We can see nature's perfect design everywhere.

Despite problems,

These are just temporary...

as the natural state of this world is beauty and life.

So to then is our course.

It may seem problematic. It will have tragedy along the way, unfairness and hardship.

Yet just as nature has a perfect design in spite of temporary difficulties...

so to does our path.

There is a perfect route.

And we know it. We can sense it. It becomes obvious when we are open to receiving the cues. The more we accept and act upon, the more which become clear...
those hints of a divine calling.

Observe a droplet of water finding its way along the branch of a tree. Path imperfect? No. It is perfect. And apart of something far greater.

Go with the flow.

To resist or worse, to ignore, is to deny mother nature.

We are not so different from all other things that we are an exception to the hand of her design.