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GameGigs Launches: a StartupWeekend Project


Today marks the first official 'prototype' release of GameGigs - a new community platform for connecting game developers, designers, and (eventually) players.

The project was born at a Startup Weekend (Edmonton); a unique type of tech event geared at assembling teams of random nerds to build random ideas. GameGigs, alongside several other competitive projects, was hammered out over the course of the weekend.

The concept is blatantly simple: connect game developers, designers and visionaries. By providing a platform for the open exchange of code, artwork, and ideas.

It's not a job board. It's not an Elance. And it's not an iStockPhoto. But it does share similarities with all three. What it is: is a unique way to browse, share, and join in on the creative works of experienced and aspiring game makers alike.

That said - this is after all... a weekend project. So the grand vision, at the moment, is fulfilled only to a minimal extent. But it does work (so far) and my team and I are excited to unveil our startup idea to the world.

GameGigs: share, join, and develop game ideas

P.s. - the actual prototype launches later today ( 8 PM EST )

The GG team (from left to right:Ryan, Callum, Schwabe, and Brent):

Ryan, Callum, Schwabe and Brent

The Startup Weekend Mentality

There is something to be said about the synergy that can be achieved within a group of nerds given a weekend mission to build something cool. If this synergy can be reached; something cool will happen.

Props to the Startup Edmonton team for putting on Canada's first official Startup Weekend event.