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Google+ NSA, no thanks

Google+ NSA

Going to keep this one brief. Because frankly, not much has to be said.
But it does have to be said (if it wasn't already obvious)...

Google has a secretive working relationship with the NSA.
Google has a ridiculous amount of data.
Data that can be used to identify, profile, locate & track you.
The NSA can make Google give them this data. In real time.

Google NSA grid

Is this above scenario unfolding?
I don’t know! But does it matter? The point is that it could be. And as long as the Google+ NSA relationship continues, we will remain subject to this hazardous vulnerability in privacy.

(not to mention the fact that the Patriot Act gives any US authority the means to secretly view personal data held by US organizations)

An intelligence agency is:

A governmental agency that is devoted to the information gathering for purposes of national security and defense.


The NSA is a governmental agency so they don’t have the luxury of being able to deliver value in the free market and have people voluntarily give them data.

And so it makes a lot of sense for the NSA to partner with Google. All of the information they could ever want is right there on a silver platter.

Google is a public corporation. They don’t have the luxury of being able to funnel money from the government directly into their operations.

So it makes a lot of business sense for Google to partner with a governmental agency.

And kids, this is what we call fascism. It's really profitable! (for the agencies and corporations involved, not you and me).

"Do no evil"

As an entrepreneur, a free market advocate, and a nerd -- the Google+ NSA surveillance grid is dismaying. An invite to join their new social network? No thanks.