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High Resolution Android Phones for App Designers

Visualizing a mobile app is easier when you can see exactly what the app will look like on a real device. So when I present app design concepts for Mekadroid clients, I use a high resolution phone 'shell' to help provide a realistic preview.

But where to find the newest Android phones in high resolution? Product pages are typically limited to a low res, compressed image that will not look any good blown up to the 1:1 resolution your app is designed to run at.

So recently I posted this very question to ui.StackExchange and basically answered it after some more digging. HTC was nice enough to hook me up with a high res front facing shot of their newest device, the T-Mobile G2.

This is a nice looking phone that will definitely look great when showcasing your latest Android app design (click for full size).

HTC T-Mobile G2


And this one, the HTC Desire, is a tad older, but still a solid device:

HTC Desire


Here's an HTC Evo:


Note to self: as new phones come out, find and post the high resolution images here