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Unveiling the Invisible Threat

We are told to see a 'virus'.

But I see the destruction of local business. I see an attack on community gatherings. I see a coordinated political agenda.

I don't "see" a virus. Because it is an invisible threat.

Invisible threats should concern us. Invisibility in of itself is dangerous. Not necessarily because it could be contagious. Or hazardous to our health. Those are valid concerns of course - but my main concern is its most common use: as a tactic for provoking fear...

fear is an effective tactic to rapidly invoke new policy.

New policy can be used as a tactic to unfold a broader plan.

One such broad plan that can be implemented via fear and rapid policy change is an entirely new political system. To convert from a constitutional republic to democratic socialism, for example.

Converting from one new political system to another over time - with ever increasing power grabs at each stage - is an effective strategy for implementing the most extreme of political systems such as communism.

And historically, communism has shown to be an effective system for genocide.

In fact, that seems to be its ultimate purpose.

This latter reality has become increasingly obvious to me. As I've become more informed about what little remains of uncensored history. I begin to question every left leaning political movement, ever. And am starting to come to grips with the notion that there is no organic leftwing; at least not one that is intended for a free, peaceful humanity.

We are led to believe there is a legitimate left vs right political spectrum. I think that is a facade. The situation is more dire: the spectrum is genocide vs prosperity.

And this is not by some 'abstract evil'; my assertion is not dogmatic gospel. I am simply using critical thinking (and speaking aloud).

The people working hard on the routine implementation of leftwing politics; those who are building the ramps to communism - reveal an alarming pattern. Whether they call it 'communism' or any 'ism' does not matter: the end-goal of their systems are not advertised in the label. If you simply look at their ideology, religious beliefs, prophecies, and prophecy driven political agenda - you will begin to see it. And there is no un-seeing that.