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Logical Conclusion of Rejection of Belief

If beliefs represent fixed stagnant cancerous regions of our mind - which only serve to give energy to those who created & offered us those beliefs (and who now have the resulting 'authority' to both define the definition of said belief & to enforce the terms of what it means to accept that belief) then as prudent sentient beings with the ability to exercise free will we can & should consider rejecting beliefs as a matter of not only 'policy' but survival.

We can see the results of mass belief systems being taken to their logical conclusion happening in our 'new normalized' Soviet/Israeli/CCP/Rothschild-run world today; and is in fact the source of inspiration for this post here & right now.

Mask madness is the modern example of such mass belief systems in motion. It is an offer made by the few and accepted by the many. The offer? Belief in an invisible 'germ' - which in turn is based on germ theory [the·​o·​ry an unproved assumption : CONJECTURE] a trick of language and esoteric gambit known as 'sleight of hand'. Ie- they tell you up front it is unproven, but you consent to belief in it anyway - therefore the offerer is clear of karma and thus has no guilt of the resulting negative consequences. Such as when your mouth becomes infected with fungus or your brain damaged from depleted oxygen supply. It is this same gambit in play when you notice the vaccine's corresponding insert with all of the truths about what kind of deadly side affects it may or may not subject you to as part of your consent to injecting it. Or as a list of toxic ingredients on the back of your frozen pizza box; wrapped in another layer of deception behind elaborate, unpronounceable, patented 'scientific' names - but there nonetheless (which upon further research, reveal themselves to be the kind of things you probably don't want to eat ie- plastic and editable cardboard). Personally I don't believe karma - a belief itself - works in this way; that nature will just let criminals off the hook if only they declare the intent behind their crimes before they are committed - but I do see how it could be used as an effective tool for convincing those in a caste system to commit crime ie- so the enforcer can rationalize deception & atrocity by offering the underlying truths about said crimes & atrocity deep in the fine print; "see, we told you".

'Germ theory' as such is a literal parasitic belief - but is not so much a danger to one's way of life in isolation; ie- if you are to reject such nonsense and instead only fools are to believe - the big problem is however when the masses of your community believe in the insanity - you who is not insane may be subjected to the results of this cult behavior whether you like it or not. Those who do not believe may be 'forced' to believe in order to keep their way of life; perhaps even to survive - or be left in the cold; starved or worse - to be attacked by those radicalized so much in their beliefs that they would seek harm to those who do not comply. In their homes, on the street, at the store - or maybe in captivity, after being rounded up by troops of believers indoctrinated to the point of formality; who wear uniforms to announce their loyalty to the idol authority for which they subscribe - a warning to others that they will act with force to enforce the will of said idol. Yet are these troops empowered by the idol - or are they are empowered by the masses who believe in the idol?

Taxation is another mass belief/offer system but interestingly not all believe the same finer details of the offer - yet consent achieves the same desired outcome (for those making the offer): the masses consent - and thus, the masses are paying taxes. Whereas one person may believe they are paying taxes for roads, another believes they are paying taxes to not be thrown in jail. Both are selfish 'beliefs' that endanger those who do not believe in either scenario: because the resulting aggregation of power gives a rather real capability to those who hold such power. The power of consent of millions of people creates an imbalance of power - that which can easily be used, or abused, to build roads - to build jails or to force people to build roads into jails where people are forced to go. The power to build or to imprison is from the consent of the belief in those who offer to do it. The bigger the mass of believers, the bigger the mass of power wielded by the idol or those who control said idol from behind the scenes (or those who may assume the power of said idol by means of inheritance over time or perhaps via covert infiltration very suddenly).

And religion, of course - if only those who are so selfish enough to believe that they are chosen by 'god' (an idol) to carry out 'gods will' (terms of the offer - defined by those who write & preach it ) would instead reject these archaic offers, perhaps we would not see such extreme levels of violence that are happening in certain 'hotspots' in the world. Places like in Israel/Palestine where there are evidently bombs going off on Christmas Day.

The logical conclusion I am thus trying to highlight here is that if every offer of belief was instead rejected: if we instead recognized our authority over-self as an instinctual survival need that is dangerous to give away - perhaps we may find ourselves in a much safer, balanced world.

Perhaps there would be no 'nations' or idol leaders then so powerful that they could not create such grand creations as modern cities or mega structures. Yet then perhaps also there would be no power then for the likes of city mayors to enforce 'mandatory masks' - or for genocidal dictators to inflict mass murder: in places like Russia where tens of millions of white Europeans were killed or in China where tens of millions more Chinese were genocided.

I write this today not because I 'believe' in the power of genocidal communists who appear to have a grip on our world today but rather from the anticipation that the masses of other selfish people who will - in one shape or another - be it from fear of the iron fist, the allure of short term gains, or simply as a matter of habit - after generations upon generations of indoctrination into accepting the offers from 'above'.

So, in hopes that the grip does not become a stranglehold I shall therefore do what I can to at least spread the seeds of thought; an idea to help counter the forthcoming New World Offer; not in the form of a specific solution or offer needing consent but simply as suggestion to ponder; something to ask yourself; a logical exercise to think on:

if we all stopped believing in external offers from that of others - and simply kept our own authority & thus power to ourselves for the use of improving our own physical well being & that of our family's and local community around us - engaging with others based on this mutual understanding & respect of individual authority - without consenting to their beliefs or systems enabled by third parties - what kind of a world might we enable (or disable) ?