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Manifesting Results in Business & Life

It is the spice of life which sparks action, manifestation, and results. Bolstered by momentum.

What is the spice of life? To me, it's anything from which you can absorb momentum from. Your friend buys a Ferrari: that's awesome - and you too are inspired to generate the income you need to buy one for yourself. That's momentum, and it started with your friend buying the Ferrari; the spark.

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Momentum can also be harnessed from negative things. You're fumbling with programming C++ applications. You present a software beta to your business peers and your own friend says, "you've ruined this concept!". Turns out, his thoughtless comment was just the spice you needed. And you apply this momentum as an inspiring wave of motivation to make the program go above and beyond, creating a product better than anyone imagined. Silencing the naysayers.

More easily defined: the spice of life is any inspiring action, thing, thought, or experience. And from these inspiration acts a great wave of momentum materializes. Which is applicable to exactly what you are trying to accomplish. I'll reveal my exact postulation in a few moments, but first let's go deeper.


Sea of Space & Matter

We are flowing through an infinite sea of space & matter. Binded by mysterious forces which hold everything together in a plasmic form we call the universe. As developments in quantum physics reveal, at the most microscopic levels measurable by the most advanced scientific instruments, the smallest units of matter floating in this sea of space are nothing but a void of random occurring manifestation. Inside the nucleus of an atom is not a solid unit of matter: but rather an electrical storm of energy popping in and out of existence.

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Science is finally proving mystical knowledge. We are truly becoming aware of the most outlandish reality: that the manifestation of matter is nothing more than what you think it is. We are learning the true nature of reality. And how our minds have such incredible power to create, or perhaps more accurately, to mold as we desire.

So how then, from this infinite sea of atoms containing nothing more than a void of a random energy storm: do we manifest the reality we want. How do we effectively create results?

Applying it to the Business Context

Stepping aside from this philosophical quantum paradigm - and entering the paradigm of business... results are created by first establishing what the results are. By dreaming up the ultimate vision for what you want to create in business. And breaking it down with a series of primary objectives. Then by designing and implementing a strategy which will specifically achieve your vision & objectives. And by executing a series of tactics to ultimately achieve this vision, and completing each objective. And that my friend, is results: the achievement of vision, the completion of objectives; the realization of a reality you intuitively created.

But isn't there more to it? Like a scientist who analyzes the nucleus of an atom, let us examine this process of result creation in business. To narrow down just exactly what is the 'magic' factor which most profoundly creates results. To specifically determine what contributes to creating the biggest impact on our reality. So we can discover how to achieve results faster, more effectively.

I think you will see that my findings are rather intriguing - and that this knowledge is tremendously useful to everyday business & life.


The Crashing Waves of Momentum

The key is momentum. The utilization of momentum is what has the greatest short term power to manifest reality. Momentum is what allows you to quickly complete tactics. Tactics which exist in your overall strategy. Strategy designed to accomplish your objectives. And to reach your vision.

The flow of momentum in business

It is the crashing waves of momentum which carry forward your actions to create impact. Keys being: actions AND momentum. Actions or tactics alone are not what create success in business. To more effectively impact reality, you need a momentous flow of actions. Momentum created from what? The inspiring events, actions, things, emotions, thoughts, or experiences that happen every day. The spice of life.


How to Complete Any Task

This concept of manifesting reality via a wave of momentous actions, explains why task lists are not inherently ineffective. Nine out of ten times someone will create a task list, only to see mediocre results and a task list full of 'things to do' that never actually get done.

The problem is a lack of momentum. If you're only inspiration to complete the tasks is the 'hope of getting them done' - you're destined to fail. Or at best, you might complete each one through an uncomfortable struggle of monotonous labor. Yet it is the 'doing' part is a big stumbling block for many of us...

Hoping is low torque. There's barely any momentum there. You need more.

And even when we have a vision, a strategy to get us there, and a series of tactics to complete the strategy. Lined up perfectly like a series of dominos.... we often still feel uncomfortable when faced with the task list, daunted by the need to create results.

If you feel this way: it's time to adopt a superior mindset. It's time I show you how easy business tasks really are. Once you understand this, executing tactics become incredibly easy - to the point where you don't even have to think about them.


Climbing the Wall

Intuitively you already know what needs to be created. The key is using momentum to fluently manifest it. That's what it's all about. You are building momentum to make the act of performing the task incredibly easy.

How do you climb over a wall?

Well, you could start by helplessly clinging at the bottom, trying to create momentum by just scraping the wall… OR you could take a few steps back, think about what you really want to achieve (creating a vision) and establishing the objective: "I want to get over this damn wall." And then design a strategy: "I'm going to take a run at it. I'm going to run as hard as I can! At the peak of my jump I'm going to grab the edge of the wall, and lift myself up over it." All in one big wave of momentum.

Manifesting action

Even though getting to the top & thrusting yourself over the edge is one or two tactical actions - you know that once you get to that point, it's going to be so easy that you'll just do it. You will have so much momentum that you won't even have to think about doing it. It's just going to happen. And you'll have manifested the completion of your objective. You've effectively impacted reality.

This is what a business tactic really is. It is the maneuvers you perform at the peak of your jump. Provided you're not a klutz, all you have to do is simply let your instincts take care of the work.

If you don't succeed it the first time, all you have to do is keep trying. And maybe if you suck so bad, or this wall is just too high - you can take this same strategical approach to a different one. Because maybe there's a shorter wall your not seeing that would be much easier to jump over.

Herein this concept: I feel I have discovered the real source of tactial execution. I have discovered the secret to achieving tactical results effectively & promptly. It's the flow of momentum combined with strategy, vision, and logical actions.

By adopting this mindset, your efficiency in completing business tactics becomes an art. Allowing for swift completion with less effort.

You don't have to think about manifesting reality, just go with the flow.