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Nerd Business v2 online!

Today I've launched the new Nerd Business v2. It features a new theme. New partners. And a new directive to publish even more, quality, insightful content.


My vision for the new design was a much cleaner, simpler look. While remaining unique and retaining a bold brand image. After a few pencil concepts, I did all the layout & design in Fireworks CS5. And got some help from my buddy Cristian for the 3D heading.

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Drupal 7


The blog itself is running on the latest Drupal 7. The theme was coded by my new friend Ivan. He did a great job on it. Drupal 7 is a big improvement over previous versions. I think Drupal is cool not only because it's a rock solid CMS, but its open source community is like no other. Drupal is also an exciting platform to work with. It truly is an emerging framework for scaleable web apps.



Nerd Business is primarily a creative way I can log an ongoing quest for ambitious business success. I've been a self employed freelancer for about 5 years. I've learned a lot. But now I'm finally engaging in a significant career transition. One that will leverage a superior business model. And talent beyond just that of my own.

It won't be easy. Nothing happens overnight. And there will of course be various trials and tribulations. But that's the exciting part. So I hope you'll follow along and maybe catch a few of the insights I deliver from the frontlines. They'll be unique and helpful for your own endeavors, I promise.