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Nerd of the Year 2019

This year's Nerd of the Year award goes to Adam Green.

If you haven't already seen his work, check out Know More News on YouTube, Bitchute, his Twitter or official site at (while they are still available).

Few people are more brave than Adam, who has taken a stand to boldly & consistently speak out against those who are not allowed to be criticized.

As a kid I used to idolize hockey stars, movie actors, and metal bands.

These days, in light of the mass deception & rampant organized crime (bolstered, cultivated & protected by governments, corporations, and the military industrial complex - and the elite puppeteers who coordinate across all spectrums) I have come to recognize that specialized talent is only one half of the coin of greatness.

Because at the end of the day, even the highest paid actor in the world is a total loser if he does not speak candidly about the truth. The greatest athlete - a coward - if they do not point out the obvious evils in this world. The loyal, hard-working religious father of a family with a loving wife and 5 children: an utter failure, if he does nothing to help prevent his own children from being subjected to grand frauds that pervade our public spaces.

That's why I fucking love Adam Green. And people like him who embrace whatever skill, talent, expertise or lack-thereof; who at the end of the day have decided to put all of their life's comforts at risk to stand up in opposition to a small minority of elite bastards who think they can inflict suffering upon us because they are somehow better or 'chosen'.

Fuck your religious beliefs if it involves ANY sliver of extent of damage, pain, violence, hardship, enslavement, censorship, usurpury or genocide against any individual or groups of other people on this Earth - all whom have been created by, yes 'GOD'. The grand creator. Which could very well could be me and you and that bug crawling up the wall. As far as I am concerned, we are all a manifestation of god's design & incomprehensible thought patterns - and your fucking doctrine written on paper by old men has absolutely no bearing on me - for I too am a creator and can create grand creations (or deceptions) if I so please. And fuck your prophecy too - I have a prophecy and it involves de-legitimizing all ancient prophecies because they are as good as dogshit when measured against the laws of science and requirements of empirical proof - which many of us now understand is such a vital standard for building a foundation of facts & knowledge that is not flawed with countless deceptions and layers of fraud & lies; of which there is nothing too big or too small for those who insist on installing them in all areas and all ages of humanity.

I love Jewish people and am totally OK with healthy traditions & peaceful religious customs. In fact, it is what I have come to love about this world above so much else: cultural uniqueness. Heritage. Common bonds and ideals.

But that same love is a growing concern, thanks largely due to Adam's research and his imperfect yet effective and fearless approach to what can easily be summarized as the 'Jewish mafia'.

Mafias abound: the Italians have one, the Japanese have one, the freemasons are a form of one, the CIA is arguably one, militaries around the world are them and work for them and so too this applies to intelligence agencies and on and on: clearly there are those who use the threat of violence to push their agenda and enforce their will upon the majority who do not resort to such uncivil means.

And they don't necessarily identify as this group or that; I can list off one thousand names of all the supposed mafias and cartels out there and never pinpoint the most baddest of them all cause guess what? The worst of the worst are the most craftiest bastards the world has ever seen! Incomprehensible levels of trickery is what makes them successful! Average innocent people cannot fathom the extent they will go to; the extremity of their crimes an effective masquerade in of itself - and so the cycle continues because they are left unchecked to run wild and have their way with us while we bicker about the petty propaganda points they installed as part of this very enslavement program.

And the invasiveness; the pervasiveness - like a parasite that won't die; that is designed to cling to whatever living flesh it can find and infect it until the host is near death - evil in this world pervade all aspects of civilization and it does so by not playing nice: using deception, using infiltration, using violence, using economic warfare and monopolization. We are so far beyond the 11th hour with these people I honestly fear what they will do next; 911 was the tip of the iceberg - and the moon landing hoax is just one sampling of the many elaborate frauds that they propagate to the masses - no crime too big, no fraud too brazen.

So is it all run by Jews? No! That's my point here. These fucks are positioned strategically almost everywhere. In many cases; the ground troops are oblivious to the very fact that they are troops at all; or that they are working for evil. But therein lies my primary concern with the Jewish mafia. They are the most powerful because they are the most infiltrated; they are the most useful because of their strong bonds and heritage. Religions, nations and any hierarchical multi-generation organization are prime hosts for evil because of the very power they have inherited over said generations. To religions in particular - if you believe in such a thing as a Satan it is absolutely non-fucking-sensical to assume that the most evil motherfucker in the world would not try to infiltrate your very temple to invert your thinking; to toy with you - to infiltrate and rape your family & cut your throat when you least expect it - or worse, to use you as a tool for inflicting pain & torture unto others for as long as seemingly possible.

Those of us who are 'goy' should not look at the Jewish community with resentment & anger but we should look at it with compassion. Look at how infiltrated with evil they have become. Look at how many degenerates their community is spawning; Harvey Weinstein and Jeffery Epstein just 2 recent popular examples. Look at how oblivious so many of them are as to the extent of the crimes done in their name; the Star of David their shield. Look at all those examples of Jews who care nothing about their fellow Jew; who seek only to use Judaism as the modern day vassal for evil it has become.

I don't despise or look down upon Jews: like people I've met across all other cultures & races - more often than not they are genuinely amazing people! And aside from goys like Adam Greene & Ron Paul my other idols really are god among men (I kid!) specifically: Peter Schiff and Eric Clopper. It is one thing to criticize from the outside but it is another to stand up from within the belly of the beast to call out the beast itself (Eric's Harvard University presentation Sex & Circumcision is a glorious act of this level of bravery).

And how about the Chinese? The mafia otherwise known as the Chinese Communist Party is surely an even greater threat to the world at large than a small group of Jewish thugs who absolutely do not represent the masses of Jewish people they so claim to be apart of. The CCP evidently leads the largest populated nation on Earth. And so there is obviously a huge swath of people within that nation affected by its government's propaganda enough to make them effective 'minions' for the cause of the CCP and the evil it pursues. And there are obviously huge swaths of Chinese who stand in opposition, or at least try - or who are at least aware of the absurdities that this corrupt regime is built upon. And who recognize it is only a small minority of evil bastards who claim to represent them and their best interests; who also happen to hold power over them through force, coercion, and trickery. It is not Chinese people who are then the problem. It is the powerful few within their otherwise very large community. Those who have no limits on the extent of evil they will unleash to advance their agenda. It is not anti-Chinese or racist to call this out.

Could just as easily here be awarding this year's award to Chris Chappel of China Uncensored. He too is speaking out against evil in this world - and doing it in a creative talented way that can best be described as greatness. That's what to me greatness is all about: it's about harnessing one's talent and using it for not only fun and profit - but for making a difference in this world where it matters the most.

Or maybe I should award Nerd of the Year to Jesus Christ? Is he not a man who was persecuted for mere words; for calling out degeneracy and evil? Was he not killed on the cross; did he not sacrifice his own life to help us learn truth? Or so goes the story.

I don't resent Jews or the Chinese. Even the ones caught up in their respective mafia hierarchies - ones who've taken advantage of me, whether directly or indirectly. I am forgiving. I just want peace. I want the future we all deserve. And I want to yes live in harmony with others; with other cultures - but to carefully respect and not destroy cultures in the process. Whether they are based in Palestine or Japan. Canada or Poland. Zimbabwe or Isreal. Iran or Iraq. There is such a thing as balance.

Yet it is becoming increasingly obvious that there is a major imbalance in this world. Caused by a small often decentralized group whose modus-operandi is chaos & crime - driven by an agenda of anti-culture; anti-freedom and anti-prosperity for the world; evil for whatever reason - has its grip upon us.

Yet my biggest fear is that we are missing something even grander than even their grandest frauds already detected to this point. The rabbit hole knows no bounds it would seem.

We may ultimately have to ask - if we are a consciousness; a collective one - a manifestation of god's thought and ultimately god itself... are we sick? Are we in need of rejuvenation? Do we know how; can we seek treatment and what is the cure? How do we gracefully recover? To improve and return to the utopia of our infinite imagination; to a future we all deserve if only we could believe in ourselves enough to boldly reverse course to get there.

Until next year, my friends. Goodluck in 2020. And may our world be a better place by 2021 thanks to people like Adam Green and the many more he has inspired to action.