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Demo Driven Development

An examples folder is commonly included in source code repositories. You may have seen them. They typically show a handful of use-cases for the code so you can see how it works and how to use it.

A library or a framework will often include these kind of example folders. But how about for your application?

I'd like to suggest a technique which expands upon this familiar examples concept, yet is used in the context of building a single application, and which boasts some of the key advantages you get from another familiar development strategy...

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NintendoJS and The Key for Nintendo's next platform

The WiiU isn't the first system Nintendo has had flop.

It was all but 18 years ago the Virtual Boy was released to the world. The concept was amazing. The technology was... way, way too early.

Ironically today the Occulus Rift is the most exciting up & coming gaming toy.

If Nintendo doesn't have a next-gen Virtual Boy ala 'Oculus Rift killer' up their sleeve, which I'm assuming they don't, then they need some other dramatic play for the next round of console wars. Their next move is critical for the future of the company, and all the pressure is on President Iwata to do it right.

Not sure how much pull a smalltown Canadian boy has on 'ol Nintendo HQ in Kyoto. But I'm going to share my vision anyway (if it's any consolation, my girlfriend is Japanese).

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How Google & the NSA PRISM partners undermine our free market

Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft et al. corporations connected to the NSA's top secret PRISM program are clearly engaged in a mass violation of their customers' privacy. For shame. But it isn't just privacy we should be concerned about. The secretive nature of this program represents a blatant subversion of the free market economy - one that affects every nerd, startup entrepreneur, or business owner alike.

This economy you work so hard to earn a living in is being gamed by 'cheaters'; intent on subverting the natural flow of the market and gaining unfair advantage by working in secret with agencies of government.

When you have a 'free market' corporation; a public facing company. That has a back-door, secret working relationship with a non-free market entity; a government funded agency like the NSA - it creates a dangerous 'link' between the two.

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The Internet Discussion is broken

The internet used to be cool. Not only a great resource for information, it was a place you could go to ask questions & participate in discussions with people of similar thinking from all over the planet.

Today, it's a much different place. It's still a great resource for information - and you still can engage in discussions with people worldwide - but there is a problem.

To someone who is 'new' to the internet this problem will not be immediately obvious. But to seasoned nerds who've been here for a while; who have witnessed the impact and subsequent transformation of social media - from it's infancy stage to what it has become today - will most likely have an inclination of what this problem exactly is.

It's not necessarily of 'what' but 'who'. The problem today - with the 'internet' and particularly social media: is that you don't necessarily know 'who' you are receiving information from. You don't always know who you are having a discussion with.

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Making a big city move to pursue the startup dream

I just moved from my small hometown to the largest metropolis in North America!
Er, largest northernmost metropolis in North America. I checked and evidently Moscow is a bit farther north. So that means the title of largest northernmost metropolis in the world is already taken. But as far as this continent goes - Edmonton is at the top!


So already my theoretical Cinderella startup-story is not off to as 'trendy' of a beginning than it would be if I say I was setting up shop in San Francisco - or even another emerging hub like Hong Kong or Singapore. But I think nerds will agree that in most cases it doesn't matter where you geographically base your business.

What matters most is the people you will be working with. And just so happens that some of my best, most talented friends are living in Edmonton - so there's no reason I would want to startup anywhere else.


The Main Reason Why Windows 8 Sucks

Disclaimer: I haven’t tried Windows 8 and have no intentions of doing so.

Windows 8 is broken

In fact, by not wasting time playing with the new Windows 8, I’m able to focus on the main reason why Windows 8 sucks. And besides, reviews are confirming what we already know: the new Metro UI, er tablet UI (lets just call it what it is: a tablet UI), is a total clusterfuck for desktop users.

But that’s not actually the biggest reason why it sucks. That’s right, you know the tablet UI they glued on top of a perfectly-fine desktop interface? Not the biggest reason why Windows 8 sucks. This is actually just a side-effect of the main reason....


Does Google's relationship with the NSA nullify its privacy policies?

Google has a secret relationship with the NSA. That much is fact.

But what we don’t know is how this relationship may affect you and me: Google users. Because, well - its’ a secret.

This in and of itself is concerning. But specifically, regarding privacy policies... I got thinking... as a corporation - wouldn’t a secret relationship with a military intelligence agency make ALL your privacy policies null & void?

Google and the NSA

Sure, the Gmail privacy policy may very well be a valid corporate document that is adhered to by Google staff. However, as far as users are concerned - it’s toilet paper because even if Google adheres to this policy - the NSA probably doesn’t have too. These guys may literally be roaming the offices at Google for all we know.

So I assume, but can only speculate since the Google NSA deal is secret, that the NSA can violate Google’s privacy policies anytime, get access to whatever they want, and use that data however they want.


The Idea Book - 100 Inspiring Quotes & Tips for Making Vision Reality

Here's a free eBook I made for you! With a catch... this is a gift I'm giving away as part of a survey. The survey is for a new software product I have been designing.

So to get the a free download of the book, I invite you to fill out the Mindfolder 'early adopter' survey. The book will be delivered to you by email upon completion of the form there.

Now, with that out of the way: why "The Idea Book"?

First and foremost, this is a book to read for inspiration & motivation. The things you need to make your ideas; your dream project; your vision - a reality.

Secondly, and this is my own personal method, use this book strategically - as an initial spark- to energize you when you are about to focus on the task at hand; when you are about to take-on the very challenges & obstacles along the path to achieving your goal.

For example, I reserve a set amount of time each day to focus on my dream project. You might check out my 30 minutes a day article to learn exactly how I do it (it's super simple technique that works amazingly well).

Anyway, focus is key to manifesting reality. Yet our minds are easily distracted by the issues of the day.

So I found this book an awesome way to instantaneously sharpen focus. The powerful words included are a sobering reminder of the incredible opportunity we have before us. We really can make our ideas happen.

Fill out the Mindfolder early adopter survey to get a free download of the book.

Oh, and one more thing! By completing the survey you'll also receive a 50% discount code to use for Mindfolder v1.0 (my yet to be released software product).



What The Elder Scrolls Online Announcement Should Have Been

The recent Elder Scrolls Online announcement is quite possibly the biggest botched game unveiling ever. Instantly, fans of the legendary series voiced revolt ‘en mass on blogs and forums.

raging TES fans

The reaction, which was galvanized with a cartoony screenshot that looks nothing like The Elder Scrolls game world, seems like a classic example of a disconnect between developers and what the market really wants.

TES Online

Above: WoW..., er umm The Elder Scrolls Online

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