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Clinton Super Predators

It's no secret there is a long list of tragic deaths with close ties to the Clintons. This list includes Vince Foster who apparently shot himself in the neck and head, Mary Caitrin Mahoney gunned down at a DC Starbucks, and Walter Scheib found in a river.

Some might reasonably speculate by extending the list to include people whom were not so close but who posed as potential enemies to this very election campaign now underway: Wikileaks lawyer John Jones who was hit by a train in April and Seth Rich of the DNC (suspected source of the DNC leaks) who was shot in his car in July. And others too.

To be fair, the Clintons nor their personnel have ever been convicted of murder - but at as Hillary would say, "at this point, what difference does it make?".

Given the eyebrow raising body count, their immense wealth, their friends at the FBI & DOJ and the blatant influence over American mainstream media - it would seem prudent to at least exercise caution if you are someone who may be perceived as a key enemy to the Clintons on their way to a 2nd US presidency.

Which brings me to the point of this article. I am rather concerned about the safety of one such person. Her name is Helena Kennedy. She is another member of Julian Assange's legal team, based in London.

The train incident involving her now deceased associate John Jones is surely warning enough to be on guard. But as a recently leaked document shows, the reason for alarm is now more significant and much more personal.

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Of the thousands of reveals by Wikileaks this one particular document outlining an email thread involving people now exposed as being connected to the Clinton campaign - is of key significance. Consider the following excerpt from the document which shows an email sent to Julian Assange:

The reasons why Julian’s cooperation are necessary at this stage, are beyond the scope of this email message.

Disclosures on Helena Kennedy
So that Hannah’s “offer” is taken seriously, please let us provide Julian with 3 facts about his attorney that are unknown to the public.

Inside Helena’s North London house, there is a unique, spiral metal staircase located near to the front door, which leads down to the kitchen, which is also the basement. The inside of the house, where Helena has lived since the 80s, is not visible on Google Streetview nor any public database.

Inside Helena’s house, on a mantelpiece near to Iain’s office where he executes his Maxillofacial hospital papers; there has existed a framed photo of Tony Blair and his family, incl. wife Cherie and Blair’s young children.

Historically, Helena’s son “Keir” was removed from a catholic school in Fulham called The London Oratory. Neither Helena Kennedy nor her family have discussed this publicly at any time.

Our source has provided information that Julian’s stay in ... (email continues)


Now consider the gravity density of what just was laid out here. Along with some context (aside from the trail of death outlined earlier): this particular email thread was started in September, a little over a month ago. In the initial discussion, Julian Assange receives a surprisingly large offer of $1 million USD.

We are prepared to place the funds for USD $1 million in a mutually agreed escrow service, ahead of payment in full on receipt of the taped endorsement.


Julian will be paid this money before November 7th 2016, if he accepts the terms of this message.

And just so he knows the "offer is serious" they proceed to include those intimate details highlighted above of Julian's current and very much alive lawyer Helena Kennedy; about her family and unique personal items inside her family's home.

Veiled threat much?

And there's more. This concluding email regarding the "offer"...


We know it’s you writing.

The offer expires at midnight, October 31st 2016.

Hannah Hammond.
T&C Network Solutions

Let it be known - thanks to Wikileaks plus the work of some diligent 4Channers, Redditors, and free thinkers alike - the Clinton campaign is now linked to this "offer" along with it's creepy veiled threat. If anything should happen to Helena Kennedy or her family between now and Oct 31st (or thereafter) - we know who to investigate first.