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Top 100 CSS Designs of 2007

From big budget to small budget, intense to simplistic, this is one monster of a top 100 compilation! Take a moment to enjoy this year's best designs the world has to offer. Each site is rated in order of uniqueness, visual quality, and overall presentation.

The arduous process of identifying the top 100 designs of 2007 was simple: find the best, new designs (including redesigns) of 2007 and rate them in order from 100 to one. With particular emphasis on new trends with clean CSS layouts, vibrant colors, amazing artwork, and damn good design skills.

Some designs are just stunning. As a nerd business owner and designer myself, I have, throughout 2007, collected these stunning designs as bookmarks and I'm sharing the links with you for your own viewing benefit. The original list consisted of about 190 hand picked designs AND just so I didn't miss anything I relentlessly scoured the archives of various CSS Gallery sites (who specialize in this type of thing) so that no one was missed.

Enjoy the Top 100 CSS Designs of 2007 below:

#99 Freshview


#93 cgCraft

#90 Mint Idea

#89 Buffalo

#88 NxE

#77 Task1

#76 IESL

#75 HBCWeb

#74 Sum Life

#72 Zend

#68 toybar

#67 Secuoyas

#64 Kretivia

#63 Proxicast

#60 Angel 49

#58 Molehill

#57 Ventutec

#56 Coda

#53 pixeldub

#51 Pixlogix

#48 Frexy

#45 TNTPixel

#43 Cabedge

#41 Ars Nova

#34 Rann Wear

#28 Stoodeo

#27 Ungarbage

#19 dotsilver

#18 Alex Buga

#17 Nivas

#14 Fray

#13 Cult Foo

#12 moo.fx

#10 Voll


And so this ends the top 100. This year, many of the top designs feature a layout model which allows for a simple centered layout with intense surrounding header & background art. This trend was likely first innovated (and fully maximized) by last years #1 design, N.Design Studio. Obviously this style of presentation is still catching on we'll continue to see more in future.

So long 2007 it was a great year in design. Let's see how artists of the world embrace the digital realm in 2008. May technical innovation compliment artistic design & our ability to share information.

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