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Top 100 CSS Designs of the Year

Everyday and every night, throughout all far reaches of the planet, there exist artists, designers, and CSS gurus who are developing the coolest looking new websites. For your viewing pleasure. And a simple bookmark can capture their design for an eternity (or until a server issue, but that never happens).

Over the past year, I have cultivated a thorough supply of these bookmarks; entailing several hundred in fact.

Of this massive collection, I have carefully selected only the best one hundred - and have placed them in this specific order, based on a complex algorithm of nerd website standards.

Although the algorithm is closely guarded, I can reveal indeed the nerd standard comprises of impressive artistic style, clean coded CSS, well organized typography, tasteful colors, and creativity.

Herein lies the top 100 Best CSS Designs of 2008. Congrats to the skilled persons behind each of these impressive designs. You have now reached nerd status.

p.s. - wait a minute, it's February already ? Okay we are certainly we are well into 2009 for another "08" list - but better late than never. Last year you also received the Nerd Business Top 100 CSS Design award list so certainly I am true to my annual obligations, even if they are a bit late. Enjoy !




So there you have it. Some incredible designs. This award list is literally, in my professional nerd opinion, the top 100 best looking websites created last year.

GoMediaZine's number one award winning design was certainly in good company. Yet their attention to detail really makes this design stand out among the rest. And is truly is deserving of the best design of 2008. And heck, you may even notice an element right here on Nerd Business inspired from this very design (hint: on the right hand sidebar).