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Top 96 Kick Ass Home Office Setups

Huge amounts of electricity? Yes.

For many of us, we're on the computer(s) everyday. If you're a business nerd making money on the web then it's worthwhile to plunk a few grand into a kickass office setup.

Okay, maybe you don't need to go this far

Yet many of these are simplistic, just plain nice looking office setups. The kind that make you feel cozy. Because having an impressive looking home office setup doesn't necessarily mean it has to be an intense, elaborate setup with quad monitors, 3 desktop computers and 2 laptops. Although that is pretty sweet. And that's why they're included too.

So here are the top 96 kick ass home office setups. For a closer look click the link in the heading for each image to view the original source. Special thanks to the Hard OCP Forums and their boatload of nerds posting setups from all over the globe.


The Ultimate Racing setup posted by SpeedyVV on


Beautiful Office setup posted by thedesignworld on SitePoint



"Sharp" LCD setup posted by jamiee on


Quad LCD setup


Peaceful Triple Monitor setup posted by jvlazzar on


Nice Room, Big Ass Screen setup posted by jakescakes on


The Creation Station posted by MattGorner on


Movie & Game setup posted by PeterMac on


PC Gaming setup posted by fox_au on


Clean setup posted by cleric_retribution on



Roger's Desktop setup posted by RSiggs on


24" + 2x 17" Panels posted by redmasc on


Simple setup posted by Aaron909 on



Luxury setup posted by bimmberboy on


Nice Room setup posted by GCTonyHawk7 on


Night setup posted by JinxCA on


4x 17" setup posted by JinxCA on


Bad Ass setup posted by ModBoyzz on



Professional Style posted by zerosports on


Sleek setup posted by Dishpointer on



The Matrix setup posted by matrix563 on


Glass Desk setup posted by tonhy21 on


The Organized setup posted by matrix 563 on


Nice Dual setup posted by antok86 on

Trippy Background Dual Monitor setup posted by TheSandman2236 on


Tight setup posted by stryder2720 on



Wicked setup posted by junglicious on

The PC Lab posted by omegafiler on


Black Style posted by NightCoder on


The Industrial Lab posted by SLiCkFX on


Nice & Clean setup posted by Atar3on on



Three Thirty Inch LCD setup posted by Atar3on on

Parallax setup posted by parallax on


The Pro setup posted by JacobC1983 on


Sky setup posted by markd on


Cool setup posted by xdesix on


Amazingness posted by GCTonyHawk7 on

Sporty Setup by dudewth on



Queit Setup by dudewth on


Blue Style setup by Paladin27 on Flickr


Comfy Office by TranceMist on Flickr


Practical Office Setup by fensterbme on Flickr


Old Man Office setup by Erick Eckel on Flickr


Green Cracker by dziner on Flickr


MacBook & Cinema Dispaly by fbrunel on Flickr


Purple & iMac by rockersdelight on Flickr

Intense Mac Rig by m2j2 on Flickr


90's Disco setup by Matt Johnson posted on Gizmodo


Death Star Battlestation style setup by dlinc posted on Gizmodo

The Racing DJ setup by dmf posted on Gizmodo


Hacker setup by Steven Larson posted on Gizmodo


Nice View by jmckee posted on Gizmodo

Gun Office by paulc posted on Gizmodo


4 x 23" Apple Cinema setup by Tim Samoff posted on


Nice Macs setup by pasddecontraintes posted on


Triple Mac setup by Ethan Kaplan posted on


Sick Setup by Stefan Didak's now infamous home office setup

Sexy Red setup by GCTonyHawk7 on