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Vision. The Essence of Effective Business Strategy

Strategy, to define it simply, is a method for manifesting a desired outcome.

How well your strategy performs is effectively how good you are at manifesting reality. And as much that sounds theoretical, advances in quantum physics validates this statement. The law of attraction holds true.


Furthermore, it is your big, ultimate vision that is most essential to your success, not the strategy itself. Strategy is a means to and end result, and thus it cannot exist without a specific & precise result defined in advance. Your strategy is based on the results you want to achieve. Your vision.

What is the vision you have for your business in the end ? What does it look like when you get to where it is that you want to be? Specifically denominate the end results as elaborate as you can : in dollars, in time, in the impact you want to make, and in the results you want to create. And from this, you can deduce objectives...

Perhaps you want to sell your business for a million dollars. Or you want to create a lifetime of residual revenue for you and your family. Maybe you want offices in every major city. Or you want to reach a million downloads for your software product.

Having a set of key objectives is important, yet there is a difference between simple point by point objectives and an all encompassing ultimate vision. No one sentence can define it.

Your vision is a work of art. Portraying a profound image beyond just a couple of vague objectives written on a notepad. It should be a clear understanding instilled in your mind - something that if had to be denominated on paper, could take up enough paper for a small novel.

What's exciting about envisioning your desired results in such articulate detail, is that the more specific you get, the more apparent the solutions become.

Ask yourself, have you ever focused an entire week, or weekend, or even just one day envisioning your ideal future ? What do you think would happen if you had defined a powerful vision for your business... one that was inspiring; fueling you with passion to meet and vanquish the challenges you will encounter.

Dream! Dedicate time for deep, intelligent & focused thinking on your vision. And you will begin to see things more clearly. Seeing all obstacles in your way ;)


The Rain is Gone


With your ultimate vision precisely defined, it's now easier to develop a strategy to make it become reality.

You must reverse engineer your vision. To map out the battle plan. To establish a disciplined, dynamic, and focused set of priorities for what needs to be done to achieve your detailed vision.

Defined in more detail, strategy is the art & science of informed action to achieve a specific vision; an overarching objective for your enterprise.

Strategy involves raising and allocating capital, setting priorities, directing collaborators, and demonstrating through disciplined behavior what will be done - and what will not - in the pursuit of the ultimate vision.

In an upcoming article, I'll reveal more about a model for designing & implementing your strategy. As you will learn, your strategy needs to be like a living organism. To survive, adapt, and succeed.

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