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Corona Coordination

Excerpts and follow up commentary from my last article, Dec 31st:

"We are so far beyond the 11th hour with these people I honestly fear what they will do next; 911 was the tip of the iceberg - and the moon landing hoax is just one sampling of the many elaborate frauds that they propagate to the masses - no crime too big, no fraud too brazen."

so I ask myself today, is a coordinated global pandemic hoax out of the question ? Of course not. I didn't predict this exactly (though evidently this dead guy did) but I clearly warned of this very scale of situation unfolding today.

And now that the early results are already hitting us at the community level - you should finally see. The danger. The problem. The disastrous potential for a complete monopolization of what little freedom & safety exits left.

If you're a fully grown adult male who hasn't already been lobotomized and has 2 eyes to see this situation unfolding and are NOT concerned about the ability for a small coordinated international shadow military & mafia network to bring the world economy, transportation, and public spaces to a grinding halt - you should never be in politics, leadership or any management role, ever - because you are woefully ignorant to the modern day vulnerabilities & attack vectors facing *free* civilization and are obviously unprepared to take measures to protect your citizenry, your community or team... of course, any man will protect his family at the end of the day but why would we even let this sea of evil get so close to home. Why do we allow this criminal network to invade our community's airwaves, our politics and god knows what else behind the scenes?

The blindness to these infiltrators in combination with the ignorance and unwillingness to use logic to effectively map out the dangers that they pose is my major point of contention with every average man in what used to be every safe & relatively free region of this world. And now what? A total freeze of international travel. Hysteria in our communities. Economic implosion. And a massive smokescreen to carry out who knows what next (nevermind what's already been done - the scary part is that the smoke remains in the air). Imagine having the ability to stop the entire world like this. To have an excuse to print tens of trillions in paper money. Or to conveniently take out your enemies under the cover of a 'pandemic'. And now imagine it being only a small group; a cabal; a mafia network in command of an army of religious extremists motivated to bring about supremacist prophecy to enslave those not 'chosen by god'.

Perhaps it is that the propaganda has just been too effective. They re-write history, after all. Or perhaps it is the chemicals in our food, air and water. Or perhaps it is that the will to fight for a future just simply too weak. I for one am ridden with weaknesses. But I try to work on those everyday. To be better. To make an impact as best I can; to at least strive for something big to help change the world. And I dunno if I'll be successful - it may already be too late - but fuck if I'm gunna die on my knees.

"... it is becoming increasingly obvious that there is a major imbalance in this world. Caused by a small often decentralized group whose modus-operandi is chaos & crime ....evil for whatever reason - has its grip upon us."

Whatever the cause of our weaknesses the most important thing we need is more men to wake up and realize that we are defenseless against a deceptive, invasive and offensive enemy - and it is this lack of awareness that will be our own demise. Even with having achieved said awareness - our failure to take leadership roles and command over those less informed/less qualified - particularly in healthcare, politics, food & agriculture, energy and communications and basically every aspect of critical infrastructure that may already be compromised or sabotaged - can only lead to disaster should such an enemy exist; a 'gang of elites' if you will. The 'illuminati' if you must. They exploit the weak. They channel through ignorance.

Even if such an offensive threat did not exist - and I really am just another crazy conspiracy theorist (a view held presumably by those who have not yet learned about censored World War history, who is unaware of the supremacist disdain held among certain orthodox Jews, who has not seen the any number of presentations by a credentialed engineer & scientist about what happened on 9-11, or an independent documentary on the subject of Sandy Hook for example) - the very gap in our defenses against a hypothetical international cult should be cause for grave concern because if they don't exist today then maybe they will tomorrow. There will always be another Stalin, another Mao - ready to take the reigns. Or worse - a borderless genocidal dictator who works in complete darkness; who you will never know by name but will indeed be subject to imprisonment should you speak out candidly against his bloodline or to challenge his accounts of historical events.

"... my biggest fear is that we are missing something even grander than even their grandest frauds already detected to this point."

finally becoming aware of the most grandest of all grand frauds.