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The Main Reason Why Windows 8 Sucks

Disclaimer: I haven’t tried Windows 8 and have no intentions of doing so.

Windows 8 is broken

In fact, by not wasting time playing with the new Windows 8, I’m able to focus on the main reason why Windows 8 sucks. And besides, reviews are confirming what we already know: the new Metro UI, er tablet UI (lets just call it what it is: a tablet UI), is a total clusterfuck for desktop users.

But that’s not actually the biggest reason why it sucks. That’s right, you know the tablet UI they glued on top of a perfectly-fine desktop interface? Not the biggest reason why Windows 8 sucks. This is actually just a side-effect of the main reason....


Does Google's relationship with the NSA nullify its privacy policies?

Google has a secret relationship with the NSA. That much is fact.

But what we don’t know is how this relationship may affect you and me: Google users. Because, well - its’ a secret.

This in and of itself is concerning. But specifically, regarding privacy policies... I got thinking... as a corporation - wouldn’t a secret relationship with a military intelligence agency make ALL your privacy policies null & void?

Google and the NSA

Sure, the Gmail privacy policy may very well be a valid corporate document that is adhered to by Google staff. However, as far as users are concerned - it’s toilet paper because even if Google adheres to this policy - the NSA probably doesn’t have too. These guys may literally be roaming the offices at Google for all we know.

So I assume, but can only speculate since the Google NSA deal is secret, that the NSA can violate Google’s privacy policies anytime, get access to whatever they want, and use that data however they want.


The Idea Book - 100 Inspiring Quotes & Tips for Making Vision Reality

Here's a free eBook I made for you! With a catch... this is a gift I'm giving away as part of a survey. The survey is for a new software product I have been designing.

So to get the a free download of the book, I invite you to fill out the Mindfolder 'early adopter' survey. The book will be delivered to you by email upon completion of the form there.

Now, with that out of the way: why "The Idea Book"?

First and foremost, this is a book to read for inspiration & motivation. The things you need to make your ideas; your dream project; your vision - a reality.

Secondly, and this is my own personal method, use this book strategically - as an initial spark- to energize you when you are about to focus on the task at hand; when you are about to take-on the very challenges & obstacles along the path to achieving your goal.

For example, I reserve a set amount of time each day to focus on my dream project. You might check out my 30 minutes a day article to learn exactly how I do it (it's super simple technique that works amazingly well).

Anyway, focus is key to manifesting reality. Yet our minds are easily distracted by the issues of the day.

So I found this book an awesome way to instantaneously sharpen focus. The powerful words included are a sobering reminder of the incredible opportunity we have before us. We really can make our ideas happen.

Fill out the Mindfolder early adopter survey to get a free download of the book.

Oh, and one more thing! By completing the survey you'll also receive a 50% discount code to use for Mindfolder v1.0 (my yet to be released software product).



What The Elder Scrolls Online Announcement Should Have Been

The recent Elder Scrolls Online announcement is quite possibly the biggest botched game unveiling ever. Instantly, fans of the legendary series voiced revolt ‘en mass on blogs and forums.

raging TES fans

The reaction, which was galvanized with a cartoony screenshot that looks nothing like The Elder Scrolls game world, seems like a classic example of a disconnect between developers and what the market really wants.

TES Online

Above: WoW..., er umm The Elder Scrolls Online


How to watch movies on the iPad without needing iTunes

The scenario: with an impending 10 hour flight - you need to load up the iPad with entertainment.

The dilemma: you want to avoid using notoriously bloated iTunes.

Furthermore, you need an app that can play any format like DivX so you don't have to deal with converting files or compatibility issues.

On a recent trip to Japan, I faced this scenario - and was able to find the perfect solution just in time. Happily enjoyed a flight full of movies & TV shows (well, my girlfriend did - honestly I mostly just played Super Mario Bros on DS).

Anyway, I wanted to share the solution; to show how you can easily load your iPad with all the movies and TV shows you want - without needing to install big bloated iTunes on your computer.

GoodReader, CineXPlayer, AVPlayerHD

GoodReader + CineXPlayer + AV Player HD = non iTunes movie playback solution


How to Get Ubuntu Virtual Desktops on Windows 7

While Ubuntu runs on my laptop, my desktop system will remain a Windows machine for the foreseeable future.

For a while I had both systems running Ubuntu. As a long time Windows user, this was a pretty big nerd step for me. Booting up everyday for work into Linux instead of Windows took some getting used too. Of course, I still had Windows 7 within quick reach via a virtual machine. That allowed me to jump in and out of Windows when needed - particularly for the use of Adobe Creative Suite.

Yet, as I found out, given my time on the PC is spent mostly within Creative Suite there was not enough justification to deal with the performance hit when working through a VM. Though it was actually very snappy, for graphics design work you need perfection. So before long I was booting into Windows again.


Pomodoro technique is lame, but here’s a cool app

A friend recently gave me the headsup on the Pomodoro technique. It's a time management strategy. As you may know, I've been evolving a time management strategy of my own for some time now. So by the time I learned of Pomodoro - I had already been practicing the main gist of it. Which is that, our days should be broken down into small chunks to maximize focus. But other than that, my technique is quite different.

Though one thing I did find really useful from Pomodoro was the use of a timer. In fact, I'm now using the app below to help track time in my day - and it was designed specifically for Pomodoro technique.

Focus Booster

Focus Booster v1.2 (Mac, Windows, Linux via Adobe AIR)

If you're going to use it the right way (my way) here is what to do. Download the app. And set the timer to 90 minutes. Not 25, as suggested by the Pomodoro technique.


Learn programming using wire, light bulbs, a battery, and telegraph relay

I'm currently reading quite possibly the coolest programming book ever written. The book is not teaching Python, nor C, and not even Assembly. Rather, the book is teaching Morse code. And electricity. And how these two concepts can be brought together to make anything from telegraphs to modern day computers.

If you're like me and are trying to take your programming skill to the next level, this might be exactly the kind of foundational knowledge you need.

The book is called CODE. I first got wind about it last week, after reading The Book That Every Programmer Should Read on Grigory' blog. Indeed, Grigory recommended every programmer read it - not because of what kind of new techniques you can learn, but rather, because of the broader understanding you will gain from this truly fundamental lesson on how computers work.



Why Directory Opus 10 is the king of file browsers

Directory Opus logo

It is Directory Opus. It is the KING of file browsers. And in this review, I will show you why.

Truth be told, I'm trying to be less Windows-centric on my blog. To be a better Linux advocate (and occasionally share some love for Mac). But this I cannot resist. Not even the best file browser on Linux, Nautilus Elementary, can come close to the sheer awesomeness of the premium Windows file browser known as Directory Opus.

But wait! It's not just for Windows. That's right, if you have an Amiga you are in luck!

Directory Opus 4 Amiga

Above: Old school Directory Opus 4 for Amiga

The first iterations of Directory Opus were kick-started all the way back in the 1980s. Originally developed for the Amiga, Australian programmer Jonathan Potter would later rewrite his unique dual pane file browser for Windows in the early 2000s.

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