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Destined by Design

We can see nature's perfect design everywhere.

Despite problems,

These are just temporary...

as the natural state of this world is beauty and life.

So to then is our course.

It may seem problematic. It will have tragedy along the way, unfairness and hardship.

Yet just as nature has a perfect design in spite of temporary difficulties...

so to does our path.

There is a perfect route.

And we know it. We can sense it. It becomes obvious when we are open to receiving the cues. The more we accept and act upon, the more which become clear...
those hints of a divine calling.

Observe a droplet of water finding its way along the branch of a tree. Path imperfect? No. It is perfect. And apart of something far greater.

Go with the flow.

To resist or worse, to ignore, is to deny mother nature.

We are not so different from all other things that we are an exception to the hand of her design.


Nerd of the Year 2018

This year's Nerd of the Year Award goes to Ron Paul.

At 83 years young, there is nobody else as consistent, thorough and professional with broadcasting the message of liberty to those around the world.

It seems to me that there is just no other man more truer to his heart, more passionate, articulated & righteous in his goals: to spread knowledge & plant the seeds of liberty so that in the future we may finally realize it unimpeded (without a military establishment led government on the people's back).

His life's work, which includes 2 amazing (three if you count his Libertarian bid) Presidential runs, in 2008 and 2012 respectively - both of which were massively popular among freedom loving Americans - despite being widely unreported, not to mention the shenanigans and blatant voter fraud that would ultimately cost him the Republican nomination; most evident on the day of the RNC itself as they scrambled to change rules & call suprise votes to prevent Ron from progressing his rightful path to Presidency.

After all that Ron Paul endured, it was a delight (and shock) to observe what would later happen in the 2016 election. This showed that Ron's efforts were not all for nothing. It was his work that helped set the foundation for another independent (a significantly more wealthy one albeit) to try what he did and then some; to finally smash through those corrupt barriers.

Today he may not be the President. Yet his work hasn't stopped. And perhaps he's doing more now than could ever be done even as President. Because today, he is literally on the air (published his latest Liberty Report just hours ago) delivering truth bombs again and again.

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Culture Contrast: Japan vs (Western) Canada

After living abroad for my first time, in Japan (and a little in Taiwan), there was no warm welcome upon return to Canada. Instead it was winter... in September.

Alberta in September

Yadda yadda, Canada is cold - dress warm, problem solved. Hokkaido is cold too. Now what about culture; what is the quality of people here?

One of my first pit stops back home was to hit the bathroom at a McDonalds. This is the only thing they are good for here. In Japan on the other hand, they are safe and clean; great workspaces for late night programming. Food is still terrible of course, but a small tea and apple pie for 110 yen ain't bad office rent. The only issue might be waiting for a salaryman to finish his business in the single stall bathroom. Here in Edmonton, plenty of stalls - but on this particular day (like most days I assume) there was tweaked-out methhead doing god knows what in there while I cautiously stood for a piss in the urinal over.

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Nerd of the Year 2017

Been about 7 years since I last awarded a Nerd of the Year so without any further delay, this year's award goes too...

Ross Ulbricht

Right now there are many entrepreneurs who are kicking ass and building great things.

Yet there is something that just doesn't feel right about the idea of awarding any one else with entrepreneurial recognition when there sits behind bars someone who has been tried for the crime of his own entrepreneurial creation - a perfectly safe & legitimate (in a free world) technological innovation and pioneering idea that has since been emulated and reproduced by others; an idea, that will not go away - even if there are those who would wish it so.

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Underpouch (v1.0 npm release)

Today I published underpouch v1.0. Because I wanted to share this logo!

but also cause I finished writing tests for every function. Well, every function that is currently available in my API here; the actual underscore API has more but these are the ones you may routinely need.

The README is rather straight forward particularly if you are familiar with PouchDB and underscore APIs.

Basically, underpouch just mashes the two together so you can query your PouchDB docs 'directly' with familiar underscore functions.

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Insider Trading is Free Speech

'Insider Trading' matters only to the shills (or those influenced by the shills) who are paid to take the position that insider trading is a terrible terrible thing on par with crimes against humanity.

The contra reality it seems is that insider trading is not reasonable for the government to regulate or criminalize.

For one, it is difficult to define the 'line that one shall not cross'.

Secondly, enforcing rules on such action seems to be a blatant violation of free speech - which I believe should also cover trade/currency/barter and anything we do choose to do with those concepts.

Ie: 'free speech' covers any use of language or communication; trade is a form of communication.

No one should have a right to tell me not to tell someone something else about what I am about to or not going to do.

If you feel a company is acting unfairly by engaging in insider trading then this is a market problem that the market can solve; ie- over time the company will lose credibility, lose traders and lose the momentum to trade anything whatsoever. To paraphrase Ron Paul on the topic, the real solution is having ethical people in business; the real solution is doing business with businesses who are run by ethical people.

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EJS Element (v1.0 npm release)

EJS is the easiest templating language to use in JavaScript... cause it is JavaScript.

Mustache. Handlebars. Jade, et all - are interesting, but not JavaScript. I just want to use JavaScript - not learn another syntax for doing the same things I already know how to do with JavaScript.

The native EJS library is all you need to get going. Here's a friendly example:

  var ejs = require('ejs'),
      badThings = ['crack', 'cocaine', 'heroin'],
      template = `<h1>bad things:</h1>
          <? badThings.forEach(function(thing) { ?>
            <li class="red"><?= thing ?></li>
          <? }) ?>
      myNewHTML = ejs.render(template, {badThings: badThings});

This renders to a string you can then use to populate an (empty) HTML element in your DOM like so:

  document.getElementByID('badthings').innerHTML = myNewHTML

bad things:

  • crack
  • cocaine
  • heroin

'Not bad' but personally I don't want my JS files cluttered up with HTML like that.

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ASSHOLES = those who seek to undermine the potential of some guy's quest for business success for their own selfish reasons (greed, power, control and/or fear)

YOU = someone who would like to see some guy acheive business success (and will take note of the following communication mediums to keep a pusle on the quest)

Blog ...

Twitter ... @nerdbusiness

Twitter alts ...,

Github ...

YouTube ...

BTC Emergency fund ... 1F8VWxD5njxxa2ZJ6q7iQ4AUppEUtdbdXy

Email ...

Will update this list if/when I get setup on more alts and better decentralized mediums.

If my blog should go down, you can recover this page at the following URL:

I'm no Eric Dubay but his recent YouTube termination (among other free speaking people who've recently been censored) just hammers home the point that when you gain an audience & speak about 'unspeakable things' you will be targetted with censorship and increasingly vile attacks as you get closer to the den of the snakes.


The Biggest Fraud Ever Inflicted Upon Mankind (rant)

Look fam, my first YouTube rant!

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