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Nerd of the Year 2020

This year's Nerd of the Year is Yuri Bezmenov.

Now deceased, he was a KGB defector with a message for us from the literal 1984 - but which is unfortunately even more relevant in 2020 (albeit too late evidently).

The message was directed to Americans specifically but applies to all of us everywhere else too - because as he describes - this is a "world communist system". The war to implement it globally was going on then and its final stage carries out today (hint: we are losing).

After all, if Yuri was incorrect in his prediction that the Soviets were - at the time, "only several years away from winning this war", if his warnings were heeded then surely we would not be experiencing our new normal today.

"Normalization is a cynical expression borrowed from Soviet propaganda.

When the Soviet tanks (and 250,000 troops) moved into Czechoslovakia in '68 Comrade Brezhnev said 'now the situation in brotherly Czechoslovakia is normalized'.

This is what will happen in the United States if you allow all these schmucks to bring the country to crisis. To promise people all kind of goodies and the paradise on Earth. To destabilize your economy, to eliminate the concept of free market competition, and to put a big brother government in Washington DC."

Above: clip from Yuri's interview in 1984, however I recommend to watch the full hour+ long interview.

"Ideological subversion... [is] to change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent - that despite the abundance of information - no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community and their country.

It's a great brainwashing process which goes very slow and is divided into four basic stages."


"It takes from 15 to 20 years to demoralize a nation... this is the minimum number of years to educate 1 generation of students in the country of your enemy: exposed to the ideology of the enemy.

In other words, Marxism Leninism ideology is being pumped into the soft-heads of at least 3 generations of American students - without being challenged or counter-balanced by the basic values of Americanism; American patriotism.

The demoralization process in the United States is basically completed already... not even Comrade Andropov and all his experts would even dream of such a tremenous success. Most of it is done by Americans to Americans - thanks to lack of moral standards.

Exposure to true information does not matter anymore. A person who is demoralized is unable to assess true information: the facts tell nothing to him... when the military boot crashes his balls then he will understand it - but not before that - that's the tragic of the situation of demoralization."


"The next stage is destabilization. This time, subverter does not care about your ideas or patterns of your consumption - whether you eat junk food and get fat & flabby it doesn't matter anymore...

what matters is essentials: economy, foreign relations, and defense systems.

And you can see it quite clearly... the influence of Marxist-Leninist ideas in the United States is absolutely fantastic - I could never believe it 14 years ago ... that the process will go that fast."

Stage 3: CRISIS

"The next stage of course is crisis, it may take only up to six weeks to bring a country to the verge of crisis..."


"After crisis - with a violent change of power, structure, and economy - you have so called the period of normalization - it may last indefinitely."

One of the aspects I find most shocking about Yuri's message, aside from his stunning accuracy in predicting our situation in 2020, is a little known yet very large figure by his estimate that there were as many as 25 to 30 million Russian people being held in concentration camps. That was in 1984. Complete mind-shattering news to me that in our recent history there was such an astronomical number of people enslaved in Russia...

"there's no qualitative change in the Soviet concentration camp system [from the days of Stalin's regime]. There are changes in numbers of prisoners... this is unreliable Soviet statistics; we don't know how many political prisoners are there ... but we sure know, from various sources ... there are close to 25 to 30 million of Soviet citizens who are virtually kept as slaves in forced labour camp system. Size of population [of] a country like Canada is serving terms as prisoners."

The next logical question is then, how many are imprisoned today? Read on.

NOTY 2020 Runner Up: Anotolly Golitsyn

Continuing the theme of this Marxist Leninist World Communism Takeover (our new normal), the runner-up to Yuri Bezmenov is another important defector, naturally: Anotolly Golitsyn. A former agent who did not, for fear of murder from the KGB, reveal himself so much to the world as did Yuri (who also feared for his life but decided to go public after realizing the KGB had uncovered his identity and new career working as a CBC correspondent in Quebec).

The man who knew Golitsyn best - who published The Perestroika Deception a book based on Golitsyn's original memorandum provided to the CIA - was the late Christopher Story. In Christopher's words:

"Basically what Golitsyn taught & revealed was that, all Soviet governments are Lenninist governments. They are driven by the deception strategy perfected by Lennin. Which is aimed at a long-range strategy; namely: control of the whole world."

As profound as Yuri's message was I am uncertain as to if the following interviews - featuring Christopher Story who is quoted above along with his colleague & friend William H. Mcllahny - are not more important.

It is here, about a decade later, that they discuss Golitsyn's warning which is eerily similar to that of Yuri Bezmenov's: that the breakup of the Soviet Union was nothing more than a deception; a psy-op and rebranding to get leaders and people of the West to let their guard down; to lull them into thinking that Russia is no longer a dictatorial communist led superpower. When just the opposite was true: and this so-called Red Army could then quietly advance not only their 'world communist system' but as these two intellectuals would also highlight: a worldwide criminal mafia, drug trafficking network and global terror offensive too.

Above: Christopher Story & William H. Mcllahny Part 1 . See also Part 2 (and 3).

It is also in this interview that they provide a slightly more modern insight into the claims of concentration camps in Russia, building on what Yuri originally stated.

"The system of some 1700 concentration camps that comprise the Soviet Gulag prison house of territory, with millions & millions of political prisoners - all of those concentration camps are still there! But never discussed by the media, who tells us that since 1989 that Communism has gone out of business.

... not only has there has been no change in the Soviet concentration camp system - but [neither] in their massive military buildup, their worldwide espionage activities within Western nations, [and] the subversion & sabotage they wage..."

The discussion is incredible to witness in light of Yuri Bezmenov's original warning and of course our newly normalized reality for which we find ourselves today. Quite clearly in the midst of the last stages of this long unannounced, undeclared war; the 'crisis' and normalization stage have arrived as foretold.

"they prepared this strategy [control of the whole world] & then when they had worked out how they were going to deceive the West - in what has turned out to be the biggest deception operation in the history of mankind to be honest - they convened a conference called the 81 Party Congress which took place on one day on the 6th of December 1961. Consisting of 81 parties from all over the world, communist parties, and the long range strategy was rubber stamped, and that was it.

Yet if you only know of Yuri's material and of these interviews regarding Golitsyn; it is still just a fraction of the understanding required for the big picture to truly click. Rather than things finally clicking for you in the form of a swift kick of a military boot I suggest learning more from yet another courageous Russian...

NOTY 2020 Runner Up: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Anyone who has lived through 2020 and has ability to read, must read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's The Gulag Archipelago.

In it, he describes the situation in Russia in the early stages of this so called world communist system. As the pet pilot - and wildly successful - takeover strategy was just getting started. It is in this era that you can understand the monster being created; the tentacles of which have reached in & have begun to dominate our civilization today.

Most importantly, you can understand how it was allowed to happen: the inconvenient reality that it was not the NKVD, guards, or Soviet soliders who were to blame but it was the citizenry; the 'victim' him/herself. The passive masses who did what they were told, who 'complied' with the 'new normal' imposed upon them. Who 'believed'. This illogical mass belief in a total ruthless, unforgiving enemy - one who we know now to be a criminal enterprise; assuming initial yet illegitimate power via assassination & violent revolution - enabled the next stages of the insanity. The secret policing, the checkpoints and of course the roundups and ensuing genocides. The power of these thugs made possible only by those very Russian victims - who as much deserve sympathy are as equal to blame as Solzhenitsyn points out. It was they who believed the lies & deception that were blasted from atop and all the way down to the troops on the ground carrying out the door-to-door roundups at peoples' homes.

The traditional image of arrest is also trembling hands packing for the victim - a change of underwear, a piece of soap, some- thing to eat; and no one knows what is needed, what is permitted, what clothes are best to wear; and the Security agents keep in-terrupting and hurrying you:

"You don't need anything. They'll feed you there. It's warm there." (It's all lies. They keep hurrying you to frighten you.)

Analyzing what we know about this world communist system - particularly from at its early stages here as Solzhenitsyn exposes - and all the way through beyond World War 2 and in the era highlighted by Golitsyn, then the one described by Bezmenov, and up unto modern times - we can begin to see a consistent pattern...

despite deception being the crux of the 'long range' strategy, the core problem becomes as clear as day.

The problem is not communists. The problem is you - who believes them.

You are the problem if you believe that they will do good (giving them authority & opportunity to subvert you behind your back; to infiltrate your community, your industries, your airwaves without confrontation, without resistance).

You are also the problem if you believe they will do bad - which gives them authority over you & the leverage needed to of course carry out the very things you 'believe' they will do.

Lies, deception and fear - they love using fear - it is free for them - to get you intimidated to go along with any new terms they change & re-define a result of your consent to their newfound authority. Oh, you didn't 'believe' they would change the terms of the offer now did you? That was your selfish mistake. You traded authority over your life in exchange for the convenience of 'higher authority' to make decisions on your behalf - and decisions they will certainly make.

Lying, deceptive, illegitimate authority is made possible only by you - the selfish believer. Who, upon consent - relinquishes authority over self and unloads it into the rubbing hands of a few. Your consent to believe itself is the source of power - one that will influence and affect others around you. Who may have otherwise looked up to you for guidance - those who unfortunately believed in your decisions whether you were conscious of it or not - who are now being led down your same path sold to you by your idol.

Hence this cult 'plague' we have before us is indeed worldwide. And the parasite commies exploit it to no end. The exploitation will continue until at least their 'control of the whole world' is complete, whatever that means ... I suspect it is simply another 'definition' layered into the offer with the terms sold to middle ranks to get their consent to go along with and execute atrocities along the way; only to have its definition changed again when the useful idiots have used up their usefulness.

For this reason I do not 'believe' in total world control; its unachievable and perhaps the root of the very deception that is Marxism Leninism. What matters is not their goal, but how the 'offer' is received. The offer on its own is just that, an offer. It is consent that seals the deal. Mass atrocities are enabled by the masses.

And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the down- stairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?

After all, you knew ahead of time that those bluecaps were out at night for no good purpose. And you could be sure ahead of time that you'd be cracking the skull of a cutthroat. Or what about the Black Maria sitting out there on the street with one lonely chauffeur-what if it had been driven off or its tires spiked? The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!

If .. if ... We didn't love freedom enough. And even more-we had no awareness of the real situation...

We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.


COVID Uncensored (and many memes)

This important video from a nurse in Nashville who took the COVID vaccination has been rapidly censored/erased without a trace from Twitter, so I wanted to share it here directly via Nerd Business instead:


After watching this, I don't understand how anyone could still decide to play Russian roulette with their lives by taking ANY vaccination. Let alone the most hyped up 'rushed' vaccination of all time.

And by the way, the world is still waiting for unequivocal proof of life from nurse Tiffany Dover.

It's not worth the risk, even if that means losing your job or your pension. Fear of the unknown is irrational & selfish - whether it is fear of an invisible virus, fear of debt or of losing money. Your life happens in the moment and you can adapt to the repercussions of standing up to reject unjust authority - that is indeed the only way to peacefully remove said authority from exerting itself on your world.

Not to mention, belief in invisible things is dangerous cult behavior that endangers those of us who happen to be co-esisting in your world. But I've already gone at lengths as to how that unfolds.

So today, while we're on the topic, allow me to just share more uncensored material (cause evidently on Twitter you are not allowed to share anything other than the official narrative). Here's a bunch of covapocalypse memes, links, and videos - and occasional shitpost - that I've collected throughout 2020.

Credit to the many internet anons and brave keyboard warriors who embrace the spirit of free speech to unblock the flow of information - despite unprecedented censorship this year.

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Logical Conclusion of Rejection of Belief

If beliefs represent fixed stagnant cancerous regions of our mind - which only serve to give energy to those who created & offered us those beliefs (and who now have the resulting 'authority' to both define the definition of said belief & to enforce the terms of what it means to accept that belief) then as prudent sentient beings with the ability to exercise free will we can & should consider rejecting beliefs as a matter of not only 'policy' but survival.

We can see the results of mass belief systems being taken to their logical conclusion happening in our 'new normalized' Soviet/Israeli/CCP/Rothschild-run world today; and is in fact the source of inspiration for this post here & right now.

Mask madness is the modern example of such mass belief systems in motion. It is an offer made by the few and accepted by the many. The offer? Belief in an invisible 'germ' - which in turn is based on germ theory [the·​o·​ry an unproved assumption : CONJECTURE] a trick of language and esoteric gambit known as 'sleight of hand'. Ie- they tell you up front it is unproven, but you consent to belief in it anyway - therefore the offerer is clear of karma and thus has no guilt of the resulting negative consequences. Such as when your mouth becomes infected with fungus or your brain damaged from depleted oxygen supply. It is this same gambit in play when you notice the vaccine's corresponding insert with all of the truths about what kind of deadly side affects it may or may not subject you to as part of your consent to injecting it. Or as a list of toxic ingredients on the back of your frozen pizza box; wrapped in another layer of deception behind elaborate, unpronounceable, patented 'scientific' names - but there nonetheless (which upon further research, reveal themselves to be the kind of things you probably don't want to eat ie- plastic and editable cardboard). Personally I don't believe karma - a belief itself - works in this way; that nature will just let criminals off the hook if only they declare the intent behind their crimes before they are committed - but I do see how it could be used as an effective tool for convincing those in a caste system to commit crime ie- so the enforcer can rationalize deception & atrocity by offering the underlying truths about said crimes & atrocity deep in the fine print; "see, we told you".

'Germ theory' as such is a literal parasitic belief - but is not so much a danger to one's way of life in isolation; ie- if you are to reject such nonsense and instead only fools are to believe - the big problem is however when the masses of your community believe in the insanity - you who is not insane may be subjected to the results of this cult behavior whether you like it or not. Those who do not believe may be 'forced' to believe in order to keep their way of life; perhaps even to survive - or be left in the cold; starved or worse - to be attacked by those radicalized so much in their beliefs that they would seek harm to those who do not comply. In their homes, on the street, at the store - or maybe in captivity, after being rounded up by troops of believers indoctrinated to the point of formality; who wear uniforms to announce their loyalty to the idol authority for which they subscribe - a warning to others that they will act with force to enforce the will of said idol. Yet are these troops empowered by the idol - or are they are empowered by the masses who believe in the idol?

Taxation is another mass belief/offer system but interestingly not all believe the same finer details of the offer - yet consent achieves the same desired outcome (for those making the offer): the masses consent - and thus, the masses are paying taxes. Whereas one person may believe they are paying taxes for roads, another believes they are paying taxes to not be thrown in jail. Both are selfish 'beliefs' that endanger those who do not believe in either scenario: because the resulting aggregation of power gives a rather real capability to those who hold such power. The power of consent of millions of people creates an imbalance of power - that which can easily be used, or abused, to build roads - to build jails or to force people to build roads into jails where people are forced to go. The power to build or to imprison is from the consent of the belief in those who offer to do it. The bigger the mass of believers, the bigger the mass of power wielded by the idol or those who control said idol from behind the scenes (or those who may assume the power of said idol by means of inheritance over time or perhaps via covert infiltration very suddenly).

And religion, of course - if only those who are so selfish enough to believe that they are chosen by 'god' (an idol) to carry out 'gods will' (terms of the offer - defined by those who write & preach it ) would instead reject these archaic offers, perhaps we would not see such extreme levels of violence that are happening in certain 'hotspots' in the world. Places like in Israel/Palestine where there are evidently bombs going off on Christmas Day.

The logical conclusion I am thus trying to highlight here is that if every offer of belief was instead rejected: if we instead recognized our authority over-self as an instinctual survival need that is dangerous to give away - perhaps we may find ourselves in a much safer, balanced world.

Perhaps there would be no 'nations' or idol leaders then so powerful that they could not create such grand creations as modern cities or mega structures. Yet then perhaps also there would be no power then for the likes of city mayors to enforce 'mandatory masks' - or for genocidal dictators to inflict mass murder: in places like Russia where tens of millions of white Europeans were killed or in China where tens of millions more Chinese were genocided.

I write this today not because I 'believe' in the power of genocidal communists who appear to have a grip on our world today but rather from the anticipation that the masses of other selfish people who will - in one shape or another - be it from fear of the iron fist, the allure of short term gains, or simply as a matter of habit - after generations upon generations of indoctrination into accepting the offers from 'above'.

So, in hopes that the grip does not become a stranglehold I shall therefore do what I can to at least spread the seeds of thought; an idea to help counter the forthcoming New World Offer; not in the form of a specific solution or offer needing consent but simply as suggestion to ponder; something to ask yourself; a logical exercise to think on:

if we all stopped believing in external offers from that of others - and simply kept our own authority & thus power to ourselves for the use of improving our own physical well being & that of our family's and local community around us - engaging with others based on this mutual understanding & respect of individual authority - without consenting to their beliefs or systems enabled by third parties - what kind of a world might we enable (or disable) ?


The Satanic Cult Known as Covid Compliance

This post is a spiritual successor sequel to The Satanic Cult Known as Heliocentrism published last year.

This year it is obvious there is an even a far more pervasive, widespread, and 'in your face' quite literally - cult of selfish believers - who will consent to even more severe abuse from their cult leaders; not limited to just the perpetuation of fantasy fairy tales with absolutely no scientifically repeatable evidence or empirical proof - this time the fraud is all that and then some. It is even more brazen, if that was even possible. And is backed not by the likes of our friendly Freemasonic scientists who happen to specialize in the very fake industries created apart of the deception (though they are used again too) this time the cult's actors are in your politics: backed primarily by the iron fist of your not-so-local 'state' under threat of fine & imprisonment for not believing - er, complying.

And this time the cult masses exhibit a more dangerous characteristic too - a feature not particularly unheard of in hyper-dedicated cult followings but still shocking nonetheless - it is that of the suicidal consent; in this case, consent to death via sacrifice of one's own breath.

Of course that breath contains oxygen and by wearing a mask all day you risk sacrificing a lot of it. It is consent to not only loss of breath (and gain of fungus); not only to the loss of one's own life essence: but consent to brain damage. Which evidently may be apart of the main agenda (to be followed up with another blow to IQ points via the experimental vaccination - which may also serve to ensure sterilization for good measure).

Sick, twisted, perverted exploitation based ideology - or should I say, idolatry - to such an extreme degree that those following do not question the very premise of it all. And therefore, its madness enabled by the very cult believers themselves. Because the cult gets its power only through those willing to believe. Who accept the offer. Who take the bait. Who make the leap of faith. To worship the idol. Selfishly giving away their own authority over self - to empower another - which in aggregate causes an extreme imbalance enabling concentrated power into the rubbing hands of a few.

Behold! Our worldwide cult parasite perpetuating machine.

It can only be stopped, when we stop believing. Its source of power is us. And every selfish virtue signalling coward wearing a mask. A coward not to the authority but a coward for giving away his/her own authority.

I haven't reached any grand conclusion. There is no end to the proverbial rabbit hole. The process of discovery and understanding does not end with my line of thinking (or that of those who influence me) - but if I was to conclude on something important today it is that the so called 'great enemy' this secret cabal of satanic cult leaders, this international mafia, this genocidal regime - these rats in human disguise - are not the big problem. They are the symptom.

The solution is to simply opt-out of their program. To cut the power source from the machine. The machine is your body. The program is every belief. The energy you give them is your individual authority over self.

To quote a new friend: the problem is not what you believe, it is that you believe.

If everyone rejected the offer of belief from those who perpetuate beliefs - and instead kept that power for themselves - for use exclusively on their own self-preservation; for their own self-improvement and thus the fulfillment of one's own potential as nature intended - we would reap natural rewards far greater than any material possession offered by that of a travelling merchant (who conveniently tend to be the same ones peddling this endless supply of beliefs)...

the symptom would disappear & we would experience the selfless beauty of inspiration in all those who surround us.

Or so goes 'my belief'. Cause if there was just one thing I could have blind faith in it would be this.

tdlr: fuck cults, but more importantly fuck the cowards who empower fucking cults - but also, fuck myself for blaming others when the problem is lack of authority over thyself and thus fuck blaming any external force because such act is selfish shirking of responsibility over maintaining authority over oneself


Puppeteering Nightmares

Timing of this post would had been better if published on Halloween...

cause it is about porting tests from Nightmare to Puppeteer!

Don't worry, it's not a scary process. After reading this, you won't be having Nightmare anymore...

[ In the above link I linked to Nightmare's Github page but here is their original official site which was obviously way cooler ]

There were actually no nightmares in using Nightmare until I migrated my daily driver system from Ubuntu 18 to 20. It was that fateful day, I had learned that Nightmare uses a version of Electron incompatible with Ubuntu 20. Alas, my tests would not run.

And so, I did what any developer when faced with a minor annoynace would do: spent hours & hours completely refactoring code to integrate a newer technology.

Nightmare & Puppeteer are tools + JavaScript libraries with a relatively simple API for simulating & automating a real web browser. Handy for the purpose of testing your web apps to ensure they work as intended in the context of an actual person - er, ghost/puppet/robot - who is poking around, clicking stuff and typing things. With functions appropriately named .click() or .input('textarea', 'some text to type') and so forth. I've also used the technique to scrape web pages for raw text content. Or to convert/render HTML into PDF which is another handy function they both share.

Nightmare was the first go-to tool for this kind of thing, though apparently Selenium was also popular, and now as of today Puppeteer is the modern solution. It also has backing direct from Google for whatever that is worth. And for this particular project Google have even spared us the race-war baiting BLM banner slapped across the top of the official homepage like they do for so many of their other technology products.

Realizing that Nightmare is dead - I was initially annoyed at the prospect of porting all of my automated browser testing code to a new API. Writing tests for code that runs exclusively on the backend or as pure functions is straight forward, but when you introduce the browser it is a whole new level of complexity to deal with. Those kindof tests are particularly time consuming to write, debug, and 'get right'.

Now that I've finished porting most of my testing code however I am happy to have made the switch because Puppeteer really is a superior API. async/await support out of the box makes your test code a lot cleaner than a spiderweb of promises & callbacks...

The thing about simulating a browser is that every 'action' ie- click or keystroke - is an asynchronous operation you must wait to have completed. Typically you do a series of actions and then evaluate the result at the end - typically in the form of a callback - yet each action apart of your series will still be an async call. Nightmare was/is primarily Promise driven to accommodate for this but you still needed a concluding callback to return the result from the final evaluate() function - and then after you analyze the result if you want to proceed from that point you then needed to start another promise chain, nested within. Oh, and accommodating for error handling at each step. Not the prettiest looking code to reason about.

Sidenote: seems the dust has finally settled on the JavaScript flame war of Promises vs Callbacks - with the final winner being... neither! The true winner is async/await; the eventual native successor to both. Puppeteer is a great primer on its power because its API and documentation is exclusively handled with async/await. It completely cuts down the asynchronous handling cruft and will make your test runs easy to read, easy to change.

That said, aside from an async/await first control flow - and of course Ubuntu 20 support - Puppeteer's API is rather similar to Nightmare and it could have easily been called Nightmare 2.0 because it is indeed a spiritual successor of sorts.

Code Comparison: Initialization

To help the transition for those like me who were already familiar with Nightmare's API - here is a cheatsheet comparison of equivalent functions & techniques for common use cases.

Read More


MassCSS v1.0 beta - a massive amount of CSS

Releasing today v1 beta of masscss. Basically a gigantic (massive, to be precise) CSS file. With thousands of simple to read, declaratively-named classes for use in constructing & theming web layouts.

The library is based on basscss - which claims to be the original functional CSS library ie- before Bootstrap was the cool kid in town (and more recently, Tailwind) - and combines it (and all its' plugins) with hundreds (thousands? I didn't care to count) more classes in that same functional style.

The library and various updates I have already published to npm going back over a year ago so nothing else particularly special about this v1 beta release other than, well - a few more classes - and specifically a searchable/filter on the newly updated website to make finding existing classes a lot more convenient & visual than just CTRL+F'ing the source file. F that source file!

(I will publish its' website's source to my Github at a future date; it uses lit-html for rendering which is another web tek I am really digging lately)

And if you don't find a class? Well, fork the lib and add some more!

While the website lists classes by default in alphabetical order there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the actual order of classes in the mass.css file... it's a massive mess. So just plant your new classes anywhere. And maybe cleaning that up / creating a build script to automagically generate a sorted, clean & tidy source file can be a v1.1 feature.

Oh - and on that regard - there is no build script! And no Sass in this mass sea of CSS either. Just pure unadulterated Cascading Style Sheets baby.

Have never understood the fascination; the over obsessing of making CSS dynamic - and more complicated - when a functional library such as this makes it so dead simple; CSS does what it needs to do so I'd rather move-on to build stuff and focus programming energy on, I dunno - programming languages!

That said, CSS variables are definitely a thing - probably something again to consider for a future version; 2.0 perhaps. I was also thinking an API to pragmatically return new classes would be neat; ie- mass.randomColor() or mass.mix('blue', 'yellow') or mass.hideBelow(742) and so forth.

In the meantime, enjoy the vanilla experience!

One more thing: if you haven't already grasped the glory that is the CSS flexbox - take this opportunity to try masscss in combination with this guide from the original basscss documentation site (masscss has all the classes indicated in said guide). With just a few of these classes you get all the power of flexbox and after committing them to memory you won't have to look up a guide again to create any kind of layout you want; no fancy components or framework needed.


Project Zyphr - a Warning That Predicted This

Bit of a plot twist involving last year's Nerd of the Year. A mild controversy. In light a mystery man known as David Goldberg.

Rule of thumb: do not take seriously some random internet anon going on about 'leaked documents' and wild predictions. It's 99.9% gunna be "Q" bullshit, some 4chan troll or at best is disinformation put out intentionally as part of a coordinated disinformation campaign. Heck, there is speculation that even Julian Assange or Edward Snowden could be agents; merely entertainment fodder to keep truth seekers at bay. How do you know for sure?

This one caught my attention however because of the timing and nature of the predictions. Which came in the form of a warning broadcasted to his YouTube account in September 2019 (account since disabled, but the upload date is about the same on other mirrors of the video that remain available on Bitchute and Internet Archive). The warning, which he describes in detail, he claims is based on documents leaked to him from the White House - and that he had "been tasked with this duty to get the information out".

What he describes is either incredibly coincidental for having lined up with events unfolding today - or it has some rare potential for legitimacy. You obviously can't draw conclusions from a mystery man but if the fucking guy last summer was warning about an operation in the works to roll out a media hyped worldwide flu outbreak as cover for a mass scale military backed roundup the likes the world has never seen - then I think it deserves a closer look. Particularly if we find ourselves already in second stage of said operation. Oh, and also cause he calls into question Nerd of the Year!

Have a listen to the full audio in what was his last upload and/or review my highlight summary of his words near-exact below (and followed by brief commentary at the end).

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Unveiling the Invisible Threat

We are told to see a 'virus'.

But I see the destruction of local business. I see an attack on community gatherings. I see a coordinated political agenda.

I don't "see" a virus. Because it is an invisible threat.

Invisible threats should concern us. Invisibility in of itself is dangerous. Not necessarily because it could be contagious. Or hazardous to our health. Those are valid concerns of course - but my main concern is its most common use: as a tactic for provoking fear...

fear is an effective tactic to rapidly invoke new policy.

New policy can be used as a tactic to unfold a broader plan.

One such broad plan that can be implemented via fear and rapid policy change is an entirely new political system. To convert from a constitutional republic to democratic socialism, for example.

Converting from one new political system to another over time - with ever increasing power grabs at each stage - is an effective strategy for implementing the most extreme of political systems such as communism.

And historically, communism has shown to be an effective system for genocide.

In fact, that seems to be its ultimate purpose.

This latter reality has become increasingly obvious to me. As I've become more informed about what little remains of uncensored history. I begin to question every left leaning political movement, ever. And am starting to come to grips with the notion that there is no organic leftwing; at least not one that is intended for a free, peaceful humanity.

We are led to believe there is a legitimate left vs right political spectrum. I think that is a facade. The situation is more dire: the spectrum is genocide vs prosperity.

And this is not by some 'abstract evil'; my assertion is not dogmatic gospel. I am simply using critical thinking (and speaking aloud).

The people working hard on the routine implementation of leftwing politics; those who are building the ramps to communism - reveal an alarming pattern. Whether they call it 'communism' or any 'ism' does not matter: the end-goal of their systems are not advertised in the label. If you simply look at their ideology, religious beliefs, prophecies, and prophecy driven political agenda - you will begin to see it. And there is no un-seeing that.


Corona Coordination

Excerpts and follow up commentary from my last article, Dec 31st:

"We are so far beyond the 11th hour with these people I honestly fear what they will do next; 911 was the tip of the iceberg - and the moon landing hoax is just one sampling of the many elaborate frauds that they propagate to the masses - no crime too big, no fraud too brazen."

so I ask myself today, is a coordinated global pandemic hoax out of the question ? Of course not. I didn't predict this exactly (though evidently this dead guy did) but I clearly warned of this very scale of situation unfolding today.

And now that the early results are already hitting us at the community level - you should finally see. The danger. The problem. The disastrous potential for a complete monopolization of what little freedom & safety exits left.

If you're a fully grown adult male who hasn't already been lobotomized and has 2 eyes to see this situation unfolding and are NOT concerned about the ability for a small coordinated international shadow military & mafia network to bring the world economy, transportation, and public spaces to a grinding halt - you should never be in politics, leadership or any management role, ever - because you are woefully ignorant to the modern day vulnerabilities & attack vectors facing *free* civilization and are obviously unprepared to take measures to protect your citizenry, your community or team... of course, any man will protect his family at the end of the day but why would we even let this sea of evil get so close to home. Why do we allow this criminal network to invade our community's airwaves, our politics and god knows what else behind the scenes?

The blindness to these infiltrators in combination with the ignorance and unwillingness to use logic to effectively map out the dangers that they pose is my major point of contention with every average man in what used to be every safe & relatively free region of this world. And now what? A total freeze of international travel. Hysteria in our communities. Economic implosion. And a massive smokescreen to carry out who knows what next (nevermind what's already been done - the scary part is that the smoke remains in the air). Imagine having the ability to stop the entire world like this. To have an excuse to print tens of trillions in paper money. Or to conveniently take out your enemies under the cover of a 'pandemic'. And now imagine it being only a small group; a cabal; a mafia network in command of an army of religious extremists motivated to bring about supremacist prophecy to enslave those not 'chosen by god'.

Perhaps it is that the propaganda has just been too effective. They re-write history, after all. Or perhaps it is the chemicals in our food, air and water. Or perhaps it is that the will to fight for a future just simply too weak. I for one am ridden with weaknesses. But I try to work on those everyday. To be better. To make an impact as best I can; to at least strive for something big to help change the world. And I dunno if I'll be successful - it may already be too late - but fuck if I'm gunna die on my knees.

"... it is becoming increasingly obvious that there is a major imbalance in this world. Caused by a small often decentralized group whose modus-operandi is chaos & crime ....evil for whatever reason - has its grip upon us."

Whatever the cause of our weaknesses the most important thing we need is more men to wake up and realize that we are defenseless against a deceptive, invasive and offensive enemy - and it is this lack of awareness that will be our own demise. Even with having achieved said awareness - our failure to take leadership roles and command over those less informed/less qualified - particularly in healthcare, politics, food & agriculture, energy and communications and basically every aspect of critical infrastructure that may already be compromised or sabotaged - can only lead to disaster should such an enemy exist; a 'gang of elites' if you will. The 'illuminati' if you must. They exploit the weak. They channel through ignorance.

Even if such an offensive threat did not exist - and I really am just another crazy conspiracy theorist (a view held presumably by those who have not yet learned about censored World War history, who is unaware of the supremacist disdain held among certain orthodox Jews, who has not seen the any number of presentations by a credentialed engineer & scientist about what happened on 9-11, or an independent documentary on the subject of Sandy Hook for example) - the very gap in our defenses against a hypothetical international cult should be cause for grave concern because if they don't exist today then maybe they will tomorrow. There will always be another Stalin, another Mao - ready to take the reigns. Or worse - a borderless genocidal dictator who works in complete darkness; who you will never know by name but will indeed be subject to imprisonment should you speak out candidly against his bloodline or to challenge his accounts of historical events.

"... my biggest fear is that we are missing something even grander than even their grandest frauds already detected to this point."

finally becoming aware of the most grandest of all grand frauds.

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