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MassCSS v1.0 beta - a massive amount of CSS

Releasing today v1 beta of masscss. Basically a gigantic (massive, to be precise) CSS file. With thousands of simple to read, declaratively-named classes for use in constructing & theming web layouts.

The library is based on basscss - which claims to be the original functional CSS library ie- before Bootstrap was the cool kid in town (and more recently, Tailwind) - and combines it (and all its' plugins) with hundreds (thousands? I didn't care to count) more classes in that same functional style.

The library and various updates I have already published to npm going back over a year ago so nothing else particularly special about this v1 beta release other than, well - a few more classes - and specifically a searchable/filter on the newly updated website to make finding existing classes a lot more convenient & visual than just CTRL+F'ing the source file. F that source file!

(I will publish its' website's source to my Github at a future date; it uses lit-html for rendering which is another web tek I am really digging lately)

And if you don't find a class? Well, fork the lib and add some more!

While the website lists classes by default in alphabetical order there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the actual order of classes in the mass.css file... it's a massive mess. So just plant your new classes anywhere. And maybe cleaning that up / creating a build script to automagically generate a sorted, clean & tidy source file can be a v1.1 feature.

Oh - and on that regard - there is no build script! And no Sass in this mass sea of CSS either. Just pure unadulterated Cascading Style Sheets baby.

Have never understood the fascination; the over obsessing of making CSS dynamic - and more complicated - when a functional library such as this makes it so dead simple; CSS does what it needs to do so I'd rather move-on to build stuff and focus programming energy on, I dunno - programming languages!

That said, CSS variables are definitely a thing - probably something again to consider for a future version; 2.0 perhaps. I was also thinking an API to pragmatically return new classes would be neat; ie- mass.randomColor() or mass.mix('blue', 'yellow') or mass.hideBelow(742) and so forth.

In the meantime, enjoy the vanilla experience!

One more thing: if you haven't already grasped the glory that is the CSS flexbox - take this opportunity to try masscss in combination with this guide from the original basscss documentation site (masscss has all the classes indicated in said guide). With just a few of these classes you get all the power of flexbox and after committing them to memory you won't have to look up a guide again to create any kind of layout you want; no fancy components or framework needed.


Project Zyphr - a Warning That Predicted This

Bit of a plot twist involving last year's Nerd of the Year. A mild controversy. In light a mystery man known as David Goldberg.

Rule of thumb: do not take seriously some random internet anon going on about 'leaked documents' and wild predictions. It's 99.9% gunna be "Q" bullshit, some 4chan troll or at best is disinformation put out intentionally as part of a coordinated disinformation campaign. Heck, there is speculation that even Julian Assange or Edward Snowden could be agents; merely entertainment fodder to keep truth seekers at bay. How do you know for sure?

This one caught my attention however because of the timing and nature of the predictions. Which came in the form of a warning broadcasted to his YouTube account in September 2019 (account since disabled, but the upload date is about the same on other mirrors of the video that remain available on Bitchute and Internet Archive). The warning, which he describes in detail, he claims is based on documents leaked to him from the White House - and that he had "been tasked with this duty to get the information out".

What he describes is either incredibly coincidental for having lined up with events unfolding today - or it has some rare potential for legitimacy. You obviously can't draw conclusions from a mystery man but if the fucking guy last summer was warning about an operation in the works to roll out a media hyped worldwide flu outbreak as cover for a mass scale military backed roundup the likes the world has never seen - then I think it deserves a closer look. Particularly if we find ourselves already in second stage of said operation. Oh, and also cause he calls into question Nerd of the Year!

Have a listen to the full audio in what was his last upload and/or review my highlight summary of his words near-exact below (and followed by brief commentary at the end).

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Unveiling the Invisible Threat

We are told to see a 'virus'.

But I see the destruction of local business. I see an attack on community gatherings. I see a coordinated political agenda.

I don't "see" a virus. Because it is an invisible threat.

Invisible threats should concern us. Invisibility in of itself is dangerous. Not necessarily because it could be contagious. Or hazardous to our health. Those are valid concerns of course - but my main concern is its most common use: as a tactic for provoking fear...

fear is an effective tactic to rapidly invoke new policy.

New policy can be used as a tactic to unfold a broader plan.

One such broad plan that can be implemented via fear and rapid policy change is an entirely new political system. To convert from a constitutional republic to democratic socialism, for example.

Converting from one new political system to another over time - with ever increasing power grabs at each stage - is an effective strategy for implementing the most extreme of political systems such as communism.

And historically, communism has shown to be an effective system for genocide.

In fact, that seems to be its ultimate purpose.

This latter reality has become increasingly obvious to me. As I've become more informed about what little remains of uncensored history. I begin to question every left leaning political movement, ever. And am starting to come to grips with the notion that there is no organic leftwing; at least not one that is intended for a free, peaceful humanity.

We are led to believe there is a legitimate left vs right political spectrum. I think that is a facade. The situation is more dire: the spectrum is genocide vs prosperity.

And this is not by some 'abstract evil'; my assertion is not dogmatic gospel. I am simply using critical thinking (and speaking aloud).

The people working hard on the routine implementation of leftwing politics; those who are building the ramps to communism - reveal an alarming pattern. Whether they call it 'communism' or any 'ism' does not matter: the end-goal of their systems are not advertised in the label. If you simply look at their ideology, religious beliefs, prophecies, and prophecy driven political agenda - you will begin to see it. And there is no un-seeing that.


Corona Coordination

Excerpts and follow up commentary from my last article, Dec 31st:

"We are so far beyond the 11th hour with these people I honestly fear what they will do next; 911 was the tip of the iceberg - and the moon landing hoax is just one sampling of the many elaborate frauds that they propagate to the masses - no crime too big, no fraud too brazen."

so I ask myself today, is a coordinated global pandemic hoax out of the question ? Of course not. I didn't predict this exactly (though evidently this dead guy did) but I clearly warned of this very scale of situation unfolding today.

And now that the early results are already hitting us at the community level - you should finally see. The danger. The problem. The disastrous potential for a complete monopolization of what little freedom & safety exits left.

If you're a fully grown adult male who hasn't already been lobotomized and has 2 eyes to see this situation unfolding and are NOT concerned about the ability for a small coordinated international shadow military & mafia network to bring the world economy, transportation, and public spaces to a grinding halt - you should never be in politics, leadership or any management role, ever - because you are woefully ignorant to the modern day vulnerabilities & attack vectors facing *free* civilization and are obviously unprepared to take measures to protect your citizenry, your community or team... of course, any man will protect his family at the end of the day but why would we even let this sea of evil get so close to home. Why do we allow this criminal network to invade our community's airwaves, our politics and god knows what else behind the scenes?

The blindness to these infiltrators in combination with the ignorance and unwillingness to use logic to effectively map out the dangers that they pose is my major point of contention with every average man in what used to be every safe & relatively free region of this world. And now what? A total freeze of international travel. Hysteria in our communities. Economic implosion. And a massive smokescreen to carry out who knows what next (nevermind what's already been done - the scary part is that the smoke remains in the air). Imagine having the ability to stop the entire world like this. To have an excuse to print tens of trillions in paper money. Or to conveniently take out your enemies under the cover of a 'pandemic'. And now imagine it being only a small group; a cabal; a mafia network in command of an army of religious extremists motivated to bring about supremacist prophecy to enslave those not 'chosen by god'.

Perhaps it is that the propaganda has just been too effective. They re-write history, after all. Or perhaps it is the chemicals in our food, air and water. Or perhaps it is that the will to fight for a future just simply too weak. I for one am ridden with weaknesses. But I try to work on those everyday. To be better. To make an impact as best I can; to at least strive for something big to help change the world. And I dunno if I'll be successful - it may already be too late - but fuck if I'm gunna die on my knees.

"... it is becoming increasingly obvious that there is a major imbalance in this world. Caused by a small often decentralized group whose modus-operandi is chaos & crime ....evil for whatever reason - has its grip upon us."

Whatever the cause of our weaknesses the most important thing we need is more men to wake up and realize that we are defenseless against a deceptive, invasive and offensive enemy - and it is this lack of awareness that will be our own demise. Even with having achieved said awareness - our failure to take leadership roles and command over those less informed/less qualified - particularly in healthcare, politics, food & agriculture, energy and communications and basically every aspect of critical infrastructure that may already be compromised or sabotaged - can only lead to disaster should such an enemy exist; a 'gang of elites' if you will. The 'illuminati' if you must. They exploit the weak. They channel through ignorance.

Even if such an offensive threat did not exist - and I really am just another crazy conspiracy theorist (a view held presumably by those who have not yet learned about censored World War history, who is unaware of the supremacist disdain held among certain orthodox Jews, who has not seen the any number of presentations by a credentialed engineer & scientist about what happened on 9-11, or an independent documentary on the subject of Sandy Hook for example) - the very gap in our defenses against a hypothetical international cult should be cause for grave concern because if they don't exist today then maybe they will tomorrow. There will always be another Stalin, another Mao - ready to take the reigns. Or worse - a borderless genocidal dictator who works in complete darkness; who you will never know by name but will indeed be subject to imprisonment should you speak out candidly against his bloodline or to challenge his accounts of historical events.

"... my biggest fear is that we are missing something even grander than even their grandest frauds already detected to this point."

finally becoming aware of the most grandest of all grand frauds.


Nerd of the Year 2019

This year's Nerd of the Year award goes to Adam Green.

If you haven't already seen his work, check out Know More News on YouTube, Bitchute, his Twitter or official site at (while they are still available).

Few people are more brave than Adam, who has taken a stand to boldly & consistently speak out against those who are not allowed to be criticized.

As a kid I used to idolize hockey stars, movie actors, and metal bands.

These days, in light of the mass deception & rampant organized crime (bolstered, cultivated & protected by governments, corporations, and the military industrial complex - and the elite puppeteers who coordinate across all spectrums) I have come to recognize that specialized talent is only one half of the coin of greatness.

Because at the end of the day, even the highest paid actor in the world is a total loser if he does not speak candidly about the truth. The greatest athlete - a coward - if they do not point out the obvious evils in this world. The loyal, hard-working religious father of a family with a loving wife and 5 children: an utter failure, if he does nothing to help prevent his own children from being subjected to grand frauds that pervade our public spaces.

That's why I fucking love Adam Green. And people like him who embrace whatever skill, talent, expertise or lack-thereof; who at the end of the day have decided to put all of their life's comforts at risk to stand up in opposition to a small minority of elite bastards who think they can inflict suffering upon us because they are somehow better or 'chosen'.

Fuck your religious beliefs if it involves ANY sliver of extent of damage, pain, violence, hardship, enslavement, censorship, usurpury or genocide against any individual or groups of other people on this Earth - all whom have been created by, yes 'GOD'. The grand creator. Which could very well could be me and you and that bug crawling up the wall. As far as I am concerned, we are all a manifestation of god's design & incomprehensible thought patterns - and your fucking doctrine written on paper by old men has absolutely no bearing on me - for I too am a creator and can create grand creations (or deceptions) if I so please. And fuck your prophecy too - I have a prophecy and it involves de-legitimizing all ancient prophecies because they are as good as dogshit when measured against the laws of science and requirements of empirical proof - which many of us now understand is such a vital standard for building a foundation of facts & knowledge that is not flawed with countless deceptions and layers of fraud & lies; of which there is nothing too big or too small for those who insist on installing them in all areas and all ages of humanity.

I love Jewish people and am totally OK with healthy traditions & peaceful religious customs. In fact, it is what I have come to love about this world above so much else: cultural uniqueness. Heritage. Common bonds and ideals.

But that same love is a growing concern, thanks largely due to Adam's research and his imperfect yet effective and fearless approach to what can easily be summarized as the 'Jewish mafia'.

Mafias abound: the Italians have one, the Japanese have one, the freemasons are a form of one, the CIA is arguably one, militaries around the world are them and work for them and so too this applies to intelligence agencies and on and on: clearly there are those who use the threat of violence to push their agenda and enforce their will upon the majority who do not resort to such uncivil means.

And they don't necessarily identify as this group or that; I can list off one thousand names of all the supposed mafias and cartels out there and never pinpoint the most baddest of them all cause guess what? The worst of the worst are the most craftiest bastards the world has ever seen! Incomprehensible levels of trickery is what makes them successful! Average innocent people cannot fathom the extent they will go to; the extremity of their crimes an effective masquerade in of itself - and so the cycle continues because they are left unchecked to run wild and have their way with us while we bicker about the petty propaganda points they installed as part of this very enslavement program.

And the invasiveness; the pervasiveness - like a parasite that won't die; that is designed to cling to whatever living flesh it can find and infect it until the host is near death - evil in this world pervade all aspects of civilization and it does so by not playing nice: using deception, using infiltration, using violence, using economic warfare and monopolization. We are so far beyond the 11th hour with these people I honestly fear what they will do next; 911 was the tip of the iceberg - and the moon landing hoax is just one sampling of the many elaborate frauds that they propagate to the masses - no crime too big, no fraud too brazen.

So is it all run by Jews? No! That's my point here. These fucks are positioned strategically almost everywhere. In many cases; the ground troops are oblivious to the very fact that they are troops at all; or that they are working for evil. But therein lies my primary concern with the Jewish mafia. They are the most powerful because they are the most infiltrated; they are the most useful because of their strong bonds and heritage. Religions, nations and any hierarchical multi-generation organization are prime hosts for evil because of the very power they have inherited over said generations. To religions in particular - if you believe in such a thing as a Satan it is absolutely non-fucking-sensical to assume that the most evil motherfucker in the world would not try to infiltrate your very temple to invert your thinking; to toy with you - to infiltrate and rape your family & cut your throat when you least expect it - or worse, to use you as a tool for inflicting pain & torture unto others for as long as seemingly possible.

Those of us who are 'goy' should not look at the Jewish community with resentment & anger but we should look at it with compassion. Look at how infiltrated with evil they have become. Look at how many degenerates their community is spawning; Harvey Weinstein and Jeffery Epstein just 2 recent popular examples. Look at how oblivious so many of them are as to the extent of the crimes done in their name; the Star of David their shield. Look at all those examples of Jews who care nothing about their fellow Jew; who seek only to use Judaism as the modern day vassal for evil it has become.

I don't despise or look down upon Jews: like people I've met across all other cultures & races - more often than not they are genuinely amazing people! And aside from goys like Adam Greene & Ron Paul my other idols really are god among men (I kid!) specifically: Peter Schiff and Eric Clopper. It is one thing to criticize from the outside but it is another to stand up from within the belly of the beast to call out the beast itself (Eric's Harvard University presentation Sex & Circumcision is a glorious act of this level of bravery).

And how about the Chinese? The mafia otherwise known as the Chinese Communist Party is surely an even greater threat to the world at large than a small group of Jewish thugs who absolutely do not represent the masses of Jewish people they so claim to be apart of. The CCP evidently leads the largest populated nation on Earth. And so there is obviously a huge swath of people within that nation affected by its government's propaganda enough to make them effective 'minions' for the cause of the CCP and the evil it pursues. And there are obviously huge swaths of Chinese who stand in opposition, or at least try - or who are at least aware of the absurdities that this corrupt regime is built upon. And who recognize it is only a small minority of evil bastards who claim to represent them and their best interests; who also happen to hold power over them through force, coercion, and trickery. It is not Chinese people who are then the problem. It is the powerful few within their otherwise very large community. Those who have no limits on the extent of evil they will unleash to advance their agenda. It is not anti-Chinese or racist to call this out.

Could just as easily here be awarding this year's award to Chris Chappel of China Uncensored. He too is speaking out against evil in this world - and doing it in a creative talented way that can best be described as greatness. That's what to me greatness is all about: it's about harnessing one's talent and using it for not only fun and profit - but for making a difference in this world where it matters the most.

Or maybe I should award Nerd of the Year to Jesus Christ? Is he not a man who was persecuted for mere words; for calling out degeneracy and evil? Was he not killed on the cross; did he not sacrifice his own life to help us learn truth? Or so goes the story.

I don't resent Jews or the Chinese. Even the ones caught up in their respective mafia hierarchies - ones who've taken advantage of me, whether directly or indirectly. I am forgiving. I just want peace. I want the future we all deserve. And I want to yes live in harmony with others; with other cultures - but to carefully respect and not destroy cultures in the process. Whether they are based in Palestine or Japan. Canada or Poland. Zimbabwe or Isreal. Iran or Iraq. There is such a thing as balance.

Yet it is becoming increasingly obvious that there is a major imbalance in this world. Caused by a small often decentralized group whose modus-operandi is chaos & crime - driven by an agenda of anti-culture; anti-freedom and anti-prosperity for the world; evil for whatever reason - has its grip upon us.

Yet my biggest fear is that we are missing something even grander than even their grandest frauds already detected to this point. The rabbit hole knows no bounds it would seem.

We may ultimately have to ask - if we are a consciousness; a collective one - a manifestation of god's thought and ultimately god itself... are we sick? Are we in need of rejuvenation? Do we know how; can we seek treatment and what is the cure? How do we gracefully recover? To improve and return to the utopia of our infinite imagination; to a future we all deserve if only we could believe in ourselves enough to boldly reverse course to get there.

Until next year, my friends. Goodluck in 2020. And may our world be a better place by 2021 thanks to people like Adam Green and the many more he has inspired to action.


Stop being afraid (and support professionals who have the courage to stand up and speak their mind on their own platforms)

There is the occasional post or retweet about flat earth or 911 among other feisty topics on my Twitter feed. Mixed in with more 'professional' posts pertaining to my career or business or technology.

And the thought occurs, "hey wait a minute, maybe you should consider your career before posting about the controversial things?"

Fuck that.

My employers, clients & colleagues should know that I will say whatever I want to say without fear of repercussion - and that I won't be intimidated by this Joseph Stalin culture trend of say no harsh words about those in power, past atrocities, or new potential atrocities in the making (or not to tell jokes for that matter). Indeed, it seems the mass genocides that happened during the Holodomor happened in part due to this very attitude.

If everyone says what they want to say without fear maybe it will finally put in check those in power because they won't be able to shutup or censor us. And that their crimes may actually come to light.

'Those in power' exist in all aspects and contexts of your life: they could be in your family, your city, your country or operating internationally - and while there are certainly trends, tendencies, among groups sometimes bonded by bloodline/race, oaths, or common ideals - there is obviously no specific group or one type of individual who is 'in power'. Furthermore, any group or person is vulnerable to a sudden flip in alignment - therefore, it is only prudent to be on guard for this because there will always be those who are willing or tempted to throw out common decency and respect to others for profit or personal gain. And it is precisely these types who are then targetted for exploitation by even more sinister people ie- 'bad guys' whether it a tyrannical foreign government, a rouge intelligence agency, a violent cartel or combination thereof.

My Twitter feed, my blog, what I say at a cafe or bar - has nothing to do with the quality of my work or the positive energy I will bring into the workplace everyday.

And if you've ever met me - you may know that I value fun, friendship, & quality results above all; and I am not about to suddenly compromise that by injecting my controversial opinions into the workspace (less mature me may have slipped up at times and from experience I realize this is a futile exercise anyway; like politics at the dinner table - best not to chime-in if clearly there are those who would disagree with your position).

But my (digital) spaces are mine and if something I post offends you please don't take it so seriously (or maybe kindly ask me after work about specific topics that I've highlighted which concern you - happy & delighted to discuss).

All things considered, if someone prefers to run a 'politically correct' business that's fine by me and I'm not going to be surprised or make a fuss if I am terminated for mere words I said or wrote in the past - cause it would have been equally my fault for engaging in business with a company or organization that has no respect or value for free speech anyway.

If you value diversity of people, you should value diversity of opinion. And if you value human rights you should value free speech. But it's OK to disagree. I just ask that we encourage discussion versus silence.

Now back to work!


Sell Bitcoin on your blog (how to buy my Bitcoin in Vancouver)

With the intent of selling a bit of my Bitcoin stash for cash, I recently dropped by one of the very few brick & mortar Bitcoin stores in Canada - conveniently walking distance from my new neighborhood - to see about making a deal.

Above: Vancouver Bitcoin (now Bitreo). Extra note: Subway does not accept Bitcoin.

I was hoping they'd offer a friendly introductory rate (ie- no fee and zero margin) but alas, the best they could offer was 10% off their standard margin of 6%. Bah.

Typically in this situation I would have simply moved on and posted to - effectively flipping the table and allowing me to ask for a premium (plus a small fee to Localbitcoins for handling escrow & the reputation system that helps us vet one another) if I was so inclined.

Unfortunately & ironically however, LocalBitcoins recently dropped the 'local' part of their business; no longer allowing/accommodating for local in person exchanges due to pressure from big brother.

Back to the wild west then! But that's why Bitcoin is great. Despite companies consolidating and conforming to monopolist rules and regulations at the end of the day this is an open protocol and so people can use it however they like. The inconveniences & setbacks imposed on users simply help drive further decentralization.

So that's when it occurred to me: why not just share the offer here on the blog!

If everyone can just make a blog post when they want to sell their coin when the need arises we wouldn't necessarily need to rely on central exchanges.

The offer:

0.0375 BTC available

For cash in-person in Vancouver area, at latest market rate: approx $500 CAD at time of this writing.

Offer valid from September 11th, 2019 and until sold ie- until this post is updated indicating the Bitcoin was sold.

To take up the offer, send an email to to get me to hold the coin for you and so that I may suggest for us a time & local cafe meetup location

If you're in the Vancouver area, shoot me an email so we meetup to exchange your cash for my Bitcoin (at which point, you will provide the cash and an address for me to deposit into ie: from your wallet app such as Copay which can generate a scannable QR code for said address)

Note that since I have no way to vet you up front, please include a link to your own blog or social profile ie- Github or Twitter so that I may reliably confirm you as an upstanding citizen who won't jump me after our deal concludes :)

Decentralize by being your own market

On this line of thinking I had previously the vague idea of whipping up a NodeJS app to host my own Craigslist or 'Nerdslist' if you will for random personal items (computer parts, random items too big for my nomad lifestyle, etc). So I guess this offer is dipping my digital toe in that water; an indirect proof concept 'sell something to the world without the middleman' pitch.

Maybe if it works I will try selling more. Never been particularly interested in brokering Bitcoin (and I would rather not step on the toes of friends who already do) - though I do like the idea of helping to spread it around so that more people can acquire it and ultimately & self-servingly so that I can on the other side receive it in exchange for actual products I create & sell in the future. One day almost everything will be priced in Bitcoin and it'd be great to see that reality sooner than later (to disrupt the cults and moneychangers).

Of course, this is just a drop in the bucket - as I don't have much Bitcoin to sell because, well er um - despite being a 'business nerd' for a while my business has not yet hit meaningful pay dirt (and just never saved enough of those early satoshis I mined in 2012 gosh darnit)

Sell your wares! Self promote! Cut out the middle man and especially cut out big brother & monopolists when possible and legal to do so. Let's do our part to help usher in the new decentralized world order :p

To buy 0.0375 BTC at 0% margin (market rate) with cash in Vancouver, send your details to

Status: offer is closed

Any one of the many chill cafes in this city are ideal meeting spots particularly for me I as don't mind arriving early to crunch code on my laptop; typically doing that everyday anyway so might as be equipped for Bitcoin biz too; here goes.

p.s - if you're a friend or colleague I already know personally and want Bitcoin of course you're welcome to take up the offer too - in that case there is no need to necessarily be in Vancouver, just shoot me an email or txt, happy to send you the satoshis in exchange for Paypal or Interac E-Transfer.


The Satanic Cult Known as Heliocentrism

Good news and bad.

The Earth is flat.

(that isn't necessarily good or bad, just wanted to state the obvious)


Let's start with the bad.

The bad news is that there is a satanic cult mafia that has created heliocentrism: a twisted fairy tale fantasy otherwise known as 'space'. It is a state funded crypto-religion masquerading as science and its ruthless cult leaders work diligently everyday to keep the fraud going.

Unfortunately you or your friends & family may be affected. Like many cults, those participating are often oblivious to the larger insanity of it all. Supplanting logic & reason with the easier more convenient and alluring doctrine told by those who hold power over them.

Satanic is a little strong you might say... or perhaps not strong enough?

Is it not fair to declare that only someone demonic & psychopathic in nature could possibly seek to deceive everyone in the world? To tell a lie so big that for centuries only a quiet minority would object?

It is disgusting what they have done and as to what they get away with again to this very moment. For example, among their largest and most successful crypto-churches is one called NASA currently receiving upwards of $58 million per day of tax payer funds to perpetuate this helio-deception to countless unsuspecting, unbeknownst, and oblivious cult followers across our flat plane.

Yet that's not the worst of it. The demonic creatures responsible for this massive incomprehensible crime do not limit their fake science, their deceptive hoaxes, or grand frauds to just space & science fiction fantasy. No, they don't stop there. They are engaged in countless other frauds, deceptions and operations counter to the peace and prosperity of the masses. They subvert, infiltrate, coerce and dominate in almost all aspects of modern civilization - and seem to be hell bent on destroying what little we have left.

The good news is that this massive deception is unravellling.

And the string of other frauds these psycho's have been running against innocent people are coming to light.

In this great collapse we may witness some very interesting developments. I can't predict the future but I'm very optimistic about the long term outcome, despite the inevitable short-term turbulence.

Decentralized information, decentralized money, and soon: decentralized security, politics and infrastructure - are going to make it possible for peaceful liberty loving individuals, families, groups and communities to side-step these megalomaniacs. Combined with technologies in so many other areas along with new innovations yet to be uncovered - it will allow us to discover the truth for ourselves. To see the actual edges of our world for our own eyes.

This is the most exciting time to be alive. I wouldn't have picked another era or age or position in this grand play.

Let's focus on a new future, a positive outcome - and a peaceful end to the demonic brainwashing cults that exist only to exploit & undermine us. Let's create the world we deserve; let's embrace a future based openness and truth - and learn from this massive deception; a great mistake & lesson to be learned on the part of men and woman everywhere - to not ever let it happen again, to guard against, protect and shun that evil out of our lives & communities for forever. Let's raise our standards of living - and our awareness to the ancient threat of degenerate liars and fraudsters who do not share our peaceful values, honesty or respect for one another.

Let's get on with the creation of the next grand civilizations - new cities and new frontiers - above, below and beyond.


Destined by Design

We can see nature's perfect design everywhere.

Despite problems,

These are just temporary...

as the natural state of this world is beauty and life.

So to then is our course.

It may seem problematic. It will have tragedy along the way, unfairness and hardship.

Yet just as nature has a perfect design in spite of temporary difficulties...

so to does our path.

There is a perfect route.

And we know it. We can sense it. It becomes obvious when we are open to receiving the cues. The more we accept and act upon, the more which become clear...
those hints of a divine calling.

Observe a droplet of water finding its way along the branch of a tree. Path imperfect? No. It is perfect. And apart of something far greater.

Go with the flow.

To resist or worse, to ignore, is to deny mother nature.

We are not so different from all other things that we are an exception to the hand of her design.

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