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Stop being afraid (and support professionals who have the courage to stand up and speak their mind on their own platforms)

There is the occasional post or retweet about flat earth or 911 among other feisty topics on my Twitter feed. Mixed in with more 'professional' posts pertaining to my career or business or technology.

And the thought occurs, "hey wait a minute, maybe you should consider your career before posting about the controversial things?"

Fuck that.

My employers, clients & colleagues should know that I will say whatever I want to say without fear of repercussion - and that I won't be intimidated by this Joseph Stalin culture trend of say no harsh words about those in power, past atrocities, or new potential atrocities in the making (or not to tell jokes for that matter). Indeed, it seems the mass genocides that happened during the Holodomor happened in part due to this very attitude.

If everyone says what they want to say without fear maybe it will finally put in check those in power because they won't be able to shutup or censor us. And that their crimes may actually come to light.

'Those in power' exist in all aspects and contexts of your life: they could be in your family, your city, your country or operating internationally - and while there are certainly trends, tendencies, among groups sometimes bonded by bloodline/race, oaths, or common ideals - there is obviously no specific group or one type of individual who is 'in power'. Furthermore, any group or person is vulnerable to a sudden flip in alignment - therefore, it is only prudent to be on guard for this because there will always be those who are willing or tempted to throw out common decency and respect to others for profit or personal gain. And it is precisely these types who are then targetted for exploitation by even more sinister people ie- 'bad guys' whether it a tyrannical foreign government, a rouge intelligence agency, a violent cartel or combination thereof.

My Twitter feed, my blog, what I say at a cafe or bar - has nothing to do with the quality of my work or the positive energy I will bring into the workplace everyday.

And if you've ever met me - you may know that I value fun, friendship, & quality results above all; and I am not about to suddenly compromise that by injecting my controversial opinions into the workspace (less mature me may have slipped up at times and from experience I realize this is a futile exercise anyway; like politics at the dinner table - best not to chime-in if clearly there are those who would disagree with your position).

But my (digital) spaces are mine and if something I post offends you please don't take it so seriously (or maybe kindly ask me after work about specific topics that I've highlighted which concern you - happy & delighted to discuss).

All things considered, if someone prefers to run a 'politically correct' business that's fine by me and I'm not going to be surprised or make a fuss if I am terminated for mere words I said or wrote in the past - cause it would have been equally my fault for engaging in business with a company or organization that has no respect or value for free speech anyway.

If you value diversity of people, you should value diversity of opinion. And if you value human rights you should value free speech. But it's OK to disagree. I just ask that we encourage discussion versus silence.

Now back to work!


Sell Bitcoin on your blog (how to buy my Bitcoin in Vancouver)

With the intent of selling a bit of my Bitcoin stash for cash, I recently dropped by one of the very few brick & mortar Bitcoin stores in Canada - conveniently walking distance from my new neighborhood - to see about making a deal.

Above: Vancouver Bitcoin (now Bitreo). Extra Note: Subway does not accept Bitcoin.

I was hoping they'd offer a friendly introductory rate (ie- no fee and zero margin) but alas, the best they could offer was 10% off their standard margin of 6%. Bah.

Typically in this situation I would have simply moved on and posted to - effectively flipping the table and allowing me to ask for a premium (plus a small fee to Localbitcoins for handling escrow & the reputation system that helps us vet one another) if I was so inclined.

Unfortunately & ironically however, LocalBitcoins recently dropped the 'local' part of their business; no longer allowing/accommodating for local in person exchanges due to pressure from big brother.

Back to the wild west then! But that's why Bitcoin is great. Despite companies consolidating and conforming to monopolist rules and regulations at the end of the day this is an open protocol and so people can use it however they like. The inconveniences & setbacks imposed on users simply help drive further decentralization.

So that's when it occurred to me: why not just share the offer here on the blog!

If everyone can just make a blog post when they want to sell their coin when the need arises we wouldn't necessarily need to rely on central exchanges.

The offer:

0.0375 BTC available

For cash in-person in Vancouver area, at latest market rate: approx $500 CAD at time of this writing.

Offer valid from September 11th, 2019 and until sold ie- until this post is updated indicating the Bitcoin was sold.

To take up the offer, send an email to to get me to hold the coin for you and so that I may suggest for us a time & local cafe meetup location

If you're in the Vancouver area, shoot me an email so we meetup to exchange your cash for my Bitcoin (at which point, you will provide the cash and an address for me to deposit into ie: from your wallet app such as Copay which can generate a scannable QR code for said address)

Note that since I have no way to vet you up front, please include a link to your own blog or social profile ie- Github or Twitter so that I may reliably confirm you as an upstanding citizen who won't jump me after our deal concludes :)

Decentralize by being your own market

On this line of thinking I had previously the vague idea of whipping up a NodeJS app to host my own Craigslist or 'Nerdslist' if you will for random personal items (computer parts, random items too big for my nomad lifestyle, etc). So I guess this offer is dipping my digital toe in that water; an indirect proof concept 'sell something to the world without the middleman' pitch.

Maybe if it works I will try selling more. Never been particularly interested in brokering Bitcoin (and I would rather not step on the toes of friends who already do) - though I do like the idea of helping to spread it around so that more people can acquire it and ultimately & self-servingly so that I can on the other side receive it in exchange for actual products I create & sell in the future. One day almost everything will be priced in Bitcoin and it'd be great to see that reality sooner than later (to disrupt the cults and moneychangers).

Of course, this is just a drop in the bucket - as I don't have much Bitcoin to sell because, well er um - despite being a 'business nerd' for a while my business has not yet hit meaningful pay dirt (and just never saved enough of those early satoshis I mined in 2012 gosh darnit)

Sell your wares! Self promote! Cut out the middle man and especially cut out big brother & monopolists when possible and legal to do so. Let's do our part to help usher in the new decentralized world order :p

To buy 0.0375 BTC at 0% margin (market rate) with cash in Vancouver, send your details to

Status: offer is open (will update this post again when the sale concludes)

Any one of the many chill cafes in this city are ideal meeting spots particularly for me I as don't mind arriving early to crunch code on my laptop; typically doing that everyday anyway so might as be equipped for Bitcoin biz too; here goes.

p.s - if you're a friend or colleague I already know personally and want Bitcoin of course you're welcome to take up the offer too - in that case there is no need to necessarily be in Vancouver, just shoot me an email or txt, happy to send you the satoshis in exchange for Paypal or Interac E-Transfer.


The Satanic Cult Known as Heliocentrism

Good news and bad.

The Earth is flat.

(that isn't necessarily good or bad, just wanted to state the obvious)


Let's start with the bad.

The bad news is that there is a satanic cult mafia that has created heliocentrism: a twisted fairy tale fantasy otherwise known as 'space'. It is a state funded crypto-religion masquerading as science and its ruthless cult leaders work diligently everyday to keep the fraud going.

Unfortunately you or your friends & family may be affected. Like many cults, those participating are often oblivious to the larger insanity of it all. Supplanting logic & reason with the easier more convenient and alluring doctrine told by those who hold power over them.

Satanic is a little strong you might say... or perhaps not strong enough?

Is it not fair to declare that only someone demonic & psychopathic in nature could possibly seek to deceive everyone in the world? To tell a lie so big that for centuries only a quiet minority would object?

It is disgusting what they have done and as to what they get away with again to this very moment. For example, among their largest and most successful crypto-churches is one called NASA currently receiving upwards of $58 million per day of tax payer funds to perpetuate this helio-deception to countless unsuspecting, unbeknownst, and oblivious cult followers across our flat plane.

Yet that's not the worst of it. The demonic creatures responsible for this massive incomprehensible crime do not limit their fake science, their deceptive hoaxes, or grand frauds to just space & science fiction fantasy. No, they don't stop there. They are engaged in countless other frauds, deceptions and operations counter to the peace and prosperity of the masses. They subvert, infiltrate, coerce and dominate in almost all aspects of modern civilization - and seem to be hell bent on destroying what little we have left.

The good news is that this massive deception is unravellling.

And the string of other frauds these psycho's have been running against innocent people are coming to light.

In this great collapse we may witness some very interesting developments. I can't predict the future but I'm very optimistic about the long term outcome, despite the inevitable short-term turbulence.

Decentralized information, decentralized money, and soon: decentralized security, politics and infrastructure - are going to make it possible for peaceful liberty loving individuals, families, groups and communities to side-step these megalomaniacs. Combined with technologies in so many other areas along with new innovations yet to be uncovered - it will allow us to discover the truth for ourselves. To see the actual edges of our world for our own eyes.

This is the most exciting time to be alive. I wouldn't have picked another era or age or position in this grand play.

Let's focus on a new future, a positive outcome - and a peaceful end to the demonic brainwashing cults that exist only to exploit & undermine us. Let's create the world we deserve; let's embrace a future based openness and truth - and learn from this massive deception; a great mistake & lesson to be learned on the part of men and woman everywhere - to not ever let it happen again, to guard against, protect and shun that evil out of our lives & communities for forever. Let's raise our standards of living - and our awareness to the ancient threat of degenerate liars and fraudsters who do not share our peaceful values, honesty or respect for one another.

Let's get on with the creation of the next grand civilizations - new cities and new frontiers - above, below and beyond.


Destined by Design

We can see nature's perfect design everywhere.

Despite problems,

These are just temporary...

as the natural state of this world is beauty and life.

So to then is our course.

It may seem problematic. It will have tragedy along the way, unfairness and hardship.

Yet just as nature has a perfect design in spite of temporary difficulties...

so to does our path.

There is a perfect route.

And we know it. We can sense it. It becomes obvious when we are open to receiving the cues. The more we accept and act upon, the more which become clear...
those hints of a divine calling.

Observe a droplet of water finding its way along the branch of a tree. Path imperfect? No. It is perfect. And apart of something far greater.

Go with the flow.

To resist or worse, to ignore, is to deny mother nature.

We are not so different from all other things that we are an exception to the hand of her design.


Nerd of the Year 2018

This year's Nerd of the Year Award goes to Ron Paul.

At 83 years young, there is nobody else as consistent, thorough and professional with broadcasting the message of liberty to those around the world.

It seems to me that there is just no other man more truer to his heart, more passionate, articulated & righteous in his goals: to spread knowledge & plant the seeds of liberty so that in the future we may finally realize it unimpeded (without a military establishment led government on the people's back).

His life's work, which includes 2 amazing (three if you count his Libertarian bid) Presidential runs, in 2008 and 2012 respectively - both of which were massively popular among freedom loving Americans - despite being widely unreported, not to mention the shenanigans and blatant voter fraud that would ultimately cost him the Republican nomination; most evident on the day of the RNC itself as they scrambled to change rules & call suprise votes to prevent Ron from progressing his rightful path to Presidency.

After all that Ron Paul endured, it was a delight (and shock) to observe what would later happen in the 2016 election. This showed that Ron's efforts were not all for nothing. It was his work that helped set the foundation for another independent (a significantly more wealthy one albeit) to try what he did and then some; to finally smash through those corrupt barriers.

Today he may not be the President. Yet his work hasn't stopped. And perhaps he's doing more now than could ever be done even as President. Because today, he is literally on the air (published his latest Liberty Report just hours ago) delivering truth bombs again and again.

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Culture Contrast: Japan vs (Western) Canada

After living abroad for my first time, in Japan (and a little in Taiwan), there was no warm welcome upon return to Canada. Instead it was winter... in September.

Alberta in September

Yadda yadda, Canada is cold - dress warm, problem solved. Hokkaido is cold too. Now what about culture; what is the quality of people here?

One of my first pit stops back home was to hit the bathroom at a McDonalds. This is the only thing they are good for here. In Japan on the other hand, they are safe and clean; great workspaces for late night programming. Food is still terrible of course, but a small tea and apple pie for 110 yen ain't bad office rent. The only issue might be waiting for a salaryman to finish his business in the single stall bathroom. Here in Edmonton, plenty of stalls - but on this particular day (like most days I assume) there was tweaked-out methhead doing god knows what in there while I cautiously stood for a piss in the urinal over.

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Nerd of the Year 2017

Been about 7 years since I last awarded a Nerd of the Year so without any further delay, this year's award goes too...

Ross Ulbricht

Right now there are many entrepreneurs who are kicking ass and building great things.

Yet there is something that just doesn't feel right about the idea of awarding any one else with entrepreneurial recognition when there sits behind bars someone who has been tried for the crime of his own entrepreneurial creation - a perfectly safe & legitimate (in a free world) technological innovation and pioneering idea that has since been emulated and reproduced by others; an idea, that will not go away - even if there are those who would wish it so.

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Underpouch (v1.0 npm release)

Today I published underpouch v1.0. Because I wanted to share this logo!

but also cause I finished writing tests for every function. Well, every function that is currently available in my API here; the actual underscore API has more but these are the ones you may routinely need.

The README is rather straight forward particularly if you are familiar with PouchDB and underscore APIs.

Basically, underpouch just mashes the two together so you can query your PouchDB docs 'directly' with familiar underscore functions.

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Insider Trading is Free Speech

'Insider Trading' matters only to the shills (or those influenced by the shills) who are paid to take the position that insider trading is a terrible terrible thing on par with crimes against humanity.

The contra reality it seems is that insider trading is not reasonable for the government to regulate or criminalize.

For one, it is difficult to define the 'line that one shall not cross'.

Secondly, enforcing rules on such action seems to be a blatant violation of free speech - which I believe should also cover trade/currency/barter and anything we do choose to do with those concepts.

Ie: 'free speech' covers any use of language or communication; trade is a form of communication.

No one should have a right to tell me not to tell someone something else about what I am about to or not going to do.

If you feel a company is acting unfairly by engaging in insider trading then this is a market problem that the market can solve; ie- over time the company will lose credibility, lose traders and lose the momentum to trade anything whatsoever. To paraphrase Ron Paul on the topic, the real solution is having ethical people in business; the real solution is doing business with businesses who are run by ethical people.

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