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Nerd of the Year 2017

Been about 7 years since I last awarded a Nerd of the Year so without any further delay, this year's award goes too...

Ross Ulbricht

Right now there are many entrepreneurs who are kicking ass and building great things.

Yet there is something that just doesn't feel right about the idea of awarding any one else with entrepreneurial recognition when there sits behind bars someone who has been tried for the crime of his own entrepreneurial creation - a perfectly safe & legitimate (in a free world) technological innovation and pioneering idea that has since been emulated and reproduced by others; an idea, that will not go away - even if there are those who would wish it so.

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Underpouch (v1.0 npm release)

Today I published underpouch v1.0. Because I wanted to share this logo!

but also cause I finished writing tests for every function. Well, every function that is currently available in my API here; the actual underscore API has more but these are the ones you may routinely need.

The README is rather straight forward particularly if you are familiar with PouchDB and underscore APIs.

Basically, underpouch just mashes the two together so you can query your PouchDB docs 'directly' with familiar underscore functions.

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Insider Trading is Free Speech

'Insider Trading' matters only to the shills (or those influenced by the shills) who are paid to take the position that insider trading is a terrible terrible thing on par with crimes against humanity.

The contra reality it seems is that insider trading is not reasonable for the government to regulate or criminalize.

For one, it is difficult to define the 'line that one shall not cross'.

Secondly, enforcing rules on such action seems to be a blatant violation of free speech - which I believe should also cover trade/currency/barter and anything we do choose to do with those concepts.

Ie: 'free speech' covers any use of language or communication; trade is a form of communication.

No one should have a right to tell me not to tell someone something else about what I am about to or not going to do.

If you feel a company is acting unfairly by engaging in insider trading then this is a market problem that the market can solve; ie- over time the company will lose credibility, lose traders and lose the momentum to trade anything whatsoever. To paraphrase Ron Paul on the topic, the real solution is having ethical people in business; the real solution is doing business with businesses who are run by ethical people.

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EJS Element (v1.0 npm release)

EJS is the easiest templating language to use in JavaScript... cause it is JavaScript.

Mustache. Handlebars. Jade, et all - are interesting, but not JavaScript. I just want to use JavaScript - not learn another syntax for doing the same things I already know how to do with JavaScript.

The native EJS library is all you need to get going. Here's a friendly example:

  var ejs = require('ejs'),
      badThings = ['crack', 'cocaine', 'heroin'],
      template = `<h1>bad things:</h1>
          <? badThings.forEach(function(thing) { ?>
            <li class="red"><?= thing ?></li>
          <? }) ?>
      myNewHTML = ejs.render(template, {badThings: badThings});

This renders to a string you can then use to populate an (empty) HTML element in your DOM like so:

  document.getElementByID('badthings').innerHTML = myNewHTML

bad things:

  • crack
  • cocaine
  • heroin

'Not bad' but personally I don't want my JS files cluttered up with HTML like that.

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ASSHOLES = those who seek to undermine the potential of some guy's quest for business success for their own selfish reasons (greed, power, control and/or fear)

YOU = someone who would like to see some guy acheive business success (and will take note of the following communication mediums to keep a pusle on the quest)

Blog ...

Twitter ... @nerdbusiness

Twitter alts ...,

Github ...

YouTube ...

BTC Emergency fund ... 1F8VWxD5njxxa2ZJ6q7iQ4AUppEUtdbdXy

Email ...

Will update this list if/when I get setup on more alts and better decentralized mediums.

If my blog should go down, you can recover this page at the following URL:

I'm no Eric Dubay but his recent YouTube termination (among other free speaking people who've recently been censored) just hammers home the point that when you gain an audience & speak about 'unspeakable things' you will be targetted with censorship and increasingly vile attacks as you get closer to the den of the snakes.


The Biggest Fraud Ever Inflicted Upon Mankind (rant)

Look fam, my first YouTube rant!


Big Brother & Twitter Accelerate Self-Demise (via censorship and overreach)

Censorship is evidence of a dying system trying to protect itself - giving inspiration to those needed to deliver the final blow.

Yet there comes a point when a dying man can no longer fight - no matter how much wealth or power he had previously accumulated.

With every wasted breath, an acceleration to the ultimate fate.

So too then will Twitter (in partnership with big brother) accelerate self-demise as they increase efforts to clamp down on conservatives, libertarians & 'right wingers' like @LauraLoomer, @RogerStoneJr, and @mitchellvii. The increasing number of suspensions, censored tweets, manipulated numbers coming as no surprise in light of their newly announced 1984 policy to review users' behavior both online and offline.

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Dangerous words, but say them anyway

The following list of words and statements are dangerous not to me: but to the establishment asshats whom seek to hide, distort, and confuse the masses such that people may never know (or can escape) the reality for which they find themselves (exploited) in.

It is also therefore a litmus test that I am not a fucking shill and/or intel deep state agent - since it is a given those working within the 'human reality distortion & exploitation system' would not say these things as they contradict & oppose the goals of said system; some of these very words of which expose the operations thereof.

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Expose the World's Biggest Lie

It should be made known - and no better person to deliver the message than Eric (not Derrick).

Eric's red pill, a culmination of videos, interviews, books & research, has forced this to tipping point.

Just so happens to be a perfect storm too: while IT & social media enable independents like Eric to reach the masses, hardware tech allows amateur rocketeers and ballooners alike to reach the highest altitudes known (and record for the world to see).

Re-lit with fuel of the modern information age - this millenia old debate is now the over-arching issue of today.

As such, we are at an incredible point in world history; specifically in the timeline of getting to the heart of the matter; to answer the epic question: what is the shape of our world?

Turns out, after rising up above the cloud layer. The truth becomes clear.

And with that, the implications also become clear.

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